Chael Sonnen says Bisping was wrong, Jon Anik was right and should not apologize.


  1. You’re rock hard for Colby aren’t you?? We get it both of you are from Oregon but he’s a prick

  2. Bisping really came across as the prick in that interview. it was so unprofessional, he should know how to separate his emotions from his work.

  3. Colby came at the panel, You cant expect a fighter to sit back and just take it and he shouldnt, I remember chael having interviews where the broadcaster went back at chael.

  4. Disagree 100% with Chael on this one. He could not be more wrong. Bisping was spot on. I’m just saying…

  5. This is not water polo. Mike did nothing wrong. What are you talking about taking colbs sheen off him? What sheen? Everyone hates him and what bisping did had nothing but a positive effect for Colby's career.

  6. I agree with Chael. But who gives a fuck? All this is gonna help Colby's star power before his fights with Woodley anyway..

  7. I actually think that interview gave Covington even more press and helped him get more attention

  8. Let’s be honest… is Colby a prick?? Yes! I don’t think anyone is denying that. So therefore, Bisping was only telling the truth.

  9. I love you chael, but you're just dickriding colby cause he's a trump fan! Bisping owned colby and you don't like it <3

  10. Chael is kind of dumb, colby was the one who started shit with bisping it is not like bisping insulted him first or whatever, he even try to conciliate at the beginning. Chael is always doing the same thing, he comes out and talk all wise ass and stuff but he almost never have the facts right. He wants to be the voice of reason and ends up looking pretty stupid.

  11. Bisping and Colby entertained us.. Jon Anik is very professional yes.. but he couldn’t entertain a toddler

  12. Bisping was butt-hurt for no reason. Bisping also SPAT on one of his opponents so, yeah, why take advice about humility from that guy.

  13. Bisping is just concussed up Kelvin was the nail in the coffin. Guy can't help but to miss a chance to shut up.

  14. Chael Sonnen is clearly so biased towards Colby Covington lol, just look at this and all his other videos

  15. I agree with Chael completely, but there's something he forgot that a very wise man once said:

    "I offer absolutely no apologies. If you're not willing to go too far, you will never go far enough IN LIFE."

  16. Another point worth mentioning is that Bisping didn't just take the small amount of bait that Colby casted – he also escalated the situation greatly. Making him look even worse. Chael is right..

  17. Sorry Chael, usually I can get your argument but in this case you are straight up making excuses. Colby came out swinging and Bisping basically responded in kind. Bisping was definitely in the right.

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