Chael Sonnen has a different opinion of the CM PUNK fight


  1. Each state should have their own league and from that a pro roster where the best travel the country fighting the best. Treat the ufc like a sports league instead of whatever it is atm.

  2. Chael is friends with Punk so the bullshit praise isn't really surprising. I have seen 10x more potential and skill from local amteur shows than that pathetic display.

  3. He has been training for 5 years ! Looked like he had never thrown a punch before! He gets no credit imo.

  4. It was good to see Michael Jackson & CM Punk fight because then you really appreciate how good the other guys are.. Because if all you watch is the bad ass dudes then you don't appreciate them for how fast & how skilled they are because you're spoiled constantly seeing top tier Fighters 😉

  5. “Punk won that decision”
    – Chicago ‘Romero was never my friend’ Commission

  6. I didn't think CM Punk was gonna suck because he was a Pro-wrestler but because he's 40 fucking years old. He's Ancient in MMA terms. Imagine a 40 year old going to NFL or NBA lol. You ain't Randy Couture baby . Even Brock who has a legitimate Background in amateur wrestling btw started MMA at 28. A younger Pro-wrestler like Roman Reigns would've probably done ten times better.

  7. Floyd Mayweather will look exactly the same in a MMA fight..

  8. So if some rich jerkoff celebrity has a dream to join the NBA even though he's a 5'9 unathletic 40 year old, we're going to sign him for a shitload of money and then treat him like a precocious make-a-wish kid for inevitably failing in such a spectacularly miserable way? Lots of people would have 'heart' if you told them to go fight Mike Jackson for 15 minutes and got 600k at the end of it, win lose or draw. The CM Punk thing was a farce and an insult from the beginning and this last fight finally broke my allusions and made me realize it. I admire your positivity here Chael, but as a fan I can't help but feel like this fight humiliated the sport. This chicanery belongs in the bush league freakshow acts that the UFC isn't supposed to be any more. It's supposed to be a legitimate professional league full of elite talent who all take it very, very seriously.

  9. I have to say this, how come Dana white wastes his time promoting and accepting into the UFC a nonentity ????? on the other hand there is the super champion undefeated and Dana doesn't allow him to fight in the UFC ???? Talking about Ben Askren ?????

  10. no, I paid to watch the other fighters on the card. That fight sucked. Jackson was told to lay and pray and go to decision so the Chicago fans dont get thier feelings hurt. Both of those fighters belong on the pre-pre lims.

  11. The issue isn’t cm punk or the other guy. I’m all for people chasing their dreams. The issue is that they took a high paying PPV spot from deserving fighters.

  12. Love you Chael. You often make me think about things when I think I have got a solid opinion, but this one's pure clickbait lol

  13. This fight made me want to train harder… to never look like CM Punk in a fight. So it was inspirational.

  14. Absolutely 100% agree with Chael on this. “He’s only done it one time, what the hell do you want from the guy?”

  15. We tuned in for a reason and that reason we're the other 12 amazing fights. Nothing against punk respect 💯 he shows heart.

  16. Mike could have finished the fight and CM Punk had 0 chance. He took allot of unnecessary damage, thats what made it so hard and cringy to watch, atleast for me.

  17. Chael respects all levels of the fight game because he knows how hard the game is

  18. I wasn’t expecting anything else and I enjoyed watching the fight, as you can clearly see actual fighters don’t talk down on Punk, only Rogan’s and other so called experts’ feelings were hurt. He did show heart and courage there, training and fighting are two different things, not high quality skill of course but to bitch about it is overreacting, it was one fight ffs, stop giving the man a hard time like some jealous unsatisfied woman

  19. This "heart" argument is such bullshit. Thousands of mma fighters all over the world who fight in nothing leagues for no money, no recognition show incredible dedication and heart to this sport every day.

  20. Not gonna watch anymore UFC until they allow eye pokes. Also, bring back groin strikes for heaven's sake.

  21. Anybody with a smidge of athletic ability could have learned enough Jits in 2 years to submit Jackson

  22. Mike Jackson did not "dig deep". Are you even watching the fights Chael?

  23. CM and Mike Jackson’s skill are utter shit both with years of training should be embarrassed at how low there skill sets are Ngannou has only had 1 more year of training than punk and look at the difference

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