Chael Sonnen couldn’t care less LeBron signed with Portland…


  1. … dude Chael, I get up between 4:30am and 5:00am during the week, and I woke up this morning groggy as hell, still half a zombie when I saw you'd finally uploaded again, and I saw the LeBron James and Portland thing, and I actually thought you were fuc*ing serious for a damn second, before I actually woke up and realized what a damn hilarious troll you are… being that I too reside here, obviously you can imagine my roller coaster of WTF type thoughts you bastard…

  2. Hey Chael, what do you think of Overeem's performance vs Blaydes, and what should he do? Retire?

  3. Portland doesn't have the salary room for a LeBron. The team is worth less than LeBron's salary potential. They would have to sell off all their current talent and then be stuck acquiring "talent" the likes of JR "Doesn't know what the score is" Smith, Tristan "Soft as baby shit" Thompson, and Kyle "Super tall Justin Bieber" Korver as three of the other starters for a grand total of $1M split between the three of them. Then that leaves the final spot to be filled by the coaches daughter where she would be expected to rock a boy haircut, duct tape her boobs flat, and refer to herself in gender-neutral/binary pronouns like Ze and Zir. Folks would think she is a foreign exchange player from the Netherlands. She would play pro bono of course because they wouldn't be able to afford to pay her. LeBronze doesn't want shit to do with that because then he would have to play the rockets, warriors and Jazz all the time and would never make the playoffs again. How could he secure his legacy as the self-proclaimed GOAT of getting swept in the finals if he can never make it back to the finals? Come on people, stop believing the hype for Fuck's sake!

  4. Chael doesn't usually waste our time like this… Could this be the ESPN talking?

  5. Thank god, an American that says "Couldn't care less" instead of "Could care less"

  6. Portland doesn't have cap space and there are much better options. You're a dumdum.

  7. Chael just made a video showing how dumb he can be. LeBron's presence would add 100s of millions of dollars to Portland's economy. Not to mention the Trailblazers would no longer suck

  8. Chael for more views & money stop posing at 4 am it’s terrible for your views and will cause you to make way less compared to if you posted around the time your viewers get home because if not your video will be buried by the time they look at their feed ( I assume your target audience is testosrone filled men) and they usually get home around 5-8 so try that

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