Bisping playfully roasts Jon Anik for Twitter comments

Michael Bisping got into a bit of a discussion with newly minted UFC interim welter weight champion Colby Covington, which lead to some less than kind words from Bispings friend Jon Anik. Luis J Gomez helped to egg on the former middle weight champion as Bisping took a couple ribs at the UFC commentator.


  1. Jon Anik is the blandest commentator the UFC got. Give Bisping his chair.

  2. Colby is a cunting hemorrhoid sucking shitcunt dildo anyway and all those Bisping haters are pieces of fat gays prolapsed rectum

  3. Bisping my guy you handled it professionally and kept it real. You're actually very good at your position in fox. Don't change a fucking thing.

  4. John anik is talented but doesn't know when to turn off his fucking steriotypical commentator voice.

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