Bisping playfully roasts Jon Anik for Twitter comments

Michael Bisping got into a bit of a discussion with newly minted UFC interim welter weight champion Colby Covington, which lead to some less than kind words from Bispings friend Jon Anik. Luis J Gomez helped to egg on the former middle weight champion as Bisping took a couple ribs at the UFC commentator.


  1. That was a self-righteous bitch move from Anik or whatever his name is. In other cases it might be stealing the spotlight, Bisping was kind of a dick and a smart ass there but it was entertaining seeing them going they back and forth. What surprises me is how could anyone other than Bisping pick RDA (same coach) to win this? People were too caught up in their emotions and wanted Colby to fail so bad it blinded them, he’s a freestyle wrestler ffs, from all the fighters that don’t like Colby only Woodley said what was going to happen.

  2. Agree about mma "journalists". sports got the biggest pile of gormless twats writing fking drivel. That mma beat show is embarrassing week in and week out. Luke Thomas a soppy sack of shit. Always grinding against the ufc/dana.

  3. He's talking about the man in the hat, Chuck Mindenhall. Fuck that big creepy cunt

  4. Yo Mike you did try to play Colby after the kid had biggest win of his career man nd u started it with calling him a prick

  5. You know how when you spar with someone and they don't know what they're doing/can't control themselves? That's Colby when he talks. I was happy to see his victory. Great fight. But his interview with Bisping was like seeing a methed-up white belt trying to rhino his way through a veteran black belt. And if anything, Bisping only helped grow the monster that is Colby "Controversy" Covington. So both parties win.

  6. Goddamn i love Bisping (and Gomez I guess). Wish you well on the contender series as a play by play

  7. If espn does a show like fox ufc tonight without bisping im out and only seeing highlights here on yt… bisping is one of a kind..
    With that said…. where the fuck is the podcast??

  8. John anik is talented but doesn't know when to turn off his fucking steriotypical commentator voice.

  9. Bisping my guy you handled it professionally and kept it real. You're actually very good at your position in fox. Don't change a fucking thing.

  10. Colby is a cunting hemorrhoid sucking shitcunt dildo anyway and all those Bisping haters are pieces of fat gays prolapsed rectum

  11. Jon Anik is the blandest commentator the UFC got. Give Bisping his chair.

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