Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #069 FULL VIDEO – Bow Ba Ba Ba Bow Bow

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping wrestling in his son’s wrestling class, Bisping’s tips for Luis’s upcoming fight, low fat vs half and half milk, Cerrone vs. Edwards on Fight Night 132, the latest in smack talking between DC and Jon Jones, when fighters get too personal with their rivalries, Covington and Woodley, Pride month and Mike Bohn’s criticism of comments on UFC Instagram Pride Parade post, dealing with trolls, Greg Hardy’s injury, listener questions and plenty more!


  1. Certain milk proteins break down into sugars, so it can be bad for keto.

  2. The GOAT conversations will go on forever, it depends on points of view, theres the pioneers (gracie, shamrock, ortiz, lidell), dominance despite out of cage and drug issues (Jones, gsp, Anderson) fighters who stylistically changed mma (Hughes, Machida, BJ Penn), smaller fighters who broke barriers in WEC (Aldo, Cruz, Faber). Khabib could be in the conversation in a couple of years time…. but I'm all about the entire story, the wins, the losses, the Career threatening injuries, topped off with the glory of winning a title on 12 days notice after 10 years of hard work…

  3. enjoy while it last folks, WILL BE HERE FOR FREE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, then deleted accordingly
    Bisping x lui$ gome$ debate whether or not that's the right business model
    Bisping: Think this will it grow fast?
    lui$ gome$: Who care$? We just gotta make entertaining enough $o tho$e bastard$ can throw money in my dead podca$t$ network, that'$ all I care
    * = figures replacing S at lui$ lines/references entirely intended

  4. Hey nothing but love to luis and Michael but the show is kinda growing stale. Hope I am wrong. You need better staff and writers/prep work cause I am falling asleep over here.

  5. i can only imagine Bisping fucking up the whole wrestling team to 'help improve' them

  6. I would pay $80 PPV to watch Michael Bisping and Luis Gomez VS Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen

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