Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #067 FULL VIDEO – Nikita Kurfuffles

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss UFC 225 and why Luis missed most of it, Yoel Romero missing weight, changing weigh-in times, Luis’s new love of Fort Night, open scoring, Covington and Bisping’s heated exchange, Jon Anik’s tweet about Bisping’s commentary, CM Punk vs Jackson and Dana White’s reaction, cutting fighters after a win, will Bisping corner Luis in his upcoming fight, listener questions and plenty more!


  1. BTW stop posting your retarded fart digital network over the video luise… you're ruining the podcast moron. Mike do yourself a huge favor and ditch this sap. Mike you do awesome work brother

  2. this needs to be more like you're welcome podcast… Luis wont shut the fuck up and let bisping flow. Hey Luise look at the name of the podcast moron,your opinion sucks!

  3. This podcast would be much better if Luis wasn't constantly nuthugging Bisping the entire time.

  4. Every podcast. I mean in every podcast, they shit all over Luke Rockhold…. And it's funny as hell.

  5. I love how whenever they cut to a sponsor, they cut the video and replace it with a picture of the BYM background. It makes it a lot easier to skip past all the ads lol

  6. Tell you exactly what happened,John Anik tried to be a white knight but miscalculated the popularity of bisping and after how colby has treated media was an extremely foolish move.

    The mans a snake

  7. Dude, fuck rockhold. Guys a latent homo. Gonna rampage his twitter. Vain blow dried asshat

  8. All the journalists are in favor I think of the early weigh-ins, or at least a midday compromised Dana White is the only one who wants late weigh-ins. The only reason I have heard proposed that it would be something that they want is to make the Knight way and shows actually worth something versus making it is ceremonial weigh-in… essentially giving people more of a reason to tune in other than a few face offs. Dana has done so many good things for the organization and the sport but, sometimes it would be great to hear his actual reasons for decisions that don't make any sense at all and in fact are completely counter-intuitive. I mean there has to be a reason.

  9. They used open scoring in boxing and it made it completely boring the guy in front just runs, bad idea

  10. sorry, colby has no shine to steal, bisping has more class and wit in his pinky finger than cuntington could ever hope to have in his entire life.

  11. Fire that douche bag Luis Gomez for being a piece of shit who plays with little boys instead of doing his job and watching the best fight card of 2018 then tries to have an opinion on it…fuck that pussy Luis!

  12. Best podcast on right now jre is still the shit but this is the podcast i wait for every week

  13. You need to get rid of this clown Louis for playing a fucking video game while the biggest fight card of the year is on. He can’t possibly host an MMA podcast while being a douche bag Xbox addict. Cut him loose and your podcast will become much more successful

  14. Will there be an outlet for the T-shirts in the UK or will it cost a fortune for shipping ????

  15. those fortnite inclusions by luis, lost all my respect to this guy… turns out his a looser after all

  16. How do these 2 have so little youtube subs? This podcast is so entertaining…..

  17. Love the show guys, Mike and Luis have a great dynamic. Never fail to give a good chuckle.

  18. Bisping, you didn't do anything wrong, you be you man, it's what makes us listen.

  19. Here's the real question: Could Luis J. Gomez take on Nick the Tooth or CM Punk. Here's how I see it. Luis kicks CM Punk's butt but loses to Nick the Tooth who would lose to Danny Bonaduce.

  20. Luis dropped the ball on this one he's got one job just watch the fights, his opinions mean dick if you havent paid attention to one of the best fights of the yr. If it wasn't for micheal this podcast would sink

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