Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 450 w/ Dr. Drew Pinsky

Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 450 w/ Dr. Drew Pinsky

Tom and Christina discuss their new favorite show on TLC, Tom pitches jokes for Christina’s new Netflix special, and Dr. Drew returns to catch up on and give insight on YMH’s best new clips.


  1. I suggested getting the real silver fox aka Dr. Drew last week… I totally called this one 😀

  2. Dr Drew’s body language gets more and more uncomfortable as this episode goes on, with his arm crossing and hunching over, so wonderful

  3. omg… Tom writing material, and mama p's dry reading is my new favorite thing, please do that again! ^_^

  4. This is not a joke. I did Meth just before this comment and I can say i am not part of the 4 stroke club. My penis crawled back inside me and turned into a peanut and now I feel anxious and I have already run out of things to tidy in my already clean house. After Meth was endorsed by this podcast i feel betrayed as I expected to get hard and all i got was deep discomfort and everyone is acting like they don't know what I'm sayin'. There is no way i am buying a Saatva mattress after this!

  5. I can't believe this uptight dork gives people advice for a living

  6. I laugh at bad stuff. People dying and all. I love to laugh, I must be fucked up.

  7. the stand up routine T Bunz wrote for momma Jeans was better then her last netflix special. I tho k his was a round about way of him humiliating her by honest about her shitty stand up.

  8. Hey, Cristina mentions her tribe again. Who would have guessed? She just needs to mention that shes pregnant and she's done with her contribution to the show


  10. Love having Dr. Drew on so he can try everything out he really gives this podcast a great balance & contrast would love to have him on at least once a month at minimum that way we can get him enough content to analyze everything & keep it all high & tight… Great stuff from everybody can't wait to have him back on!!!

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