Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 449 w/ Sam Tripoli


  1. The first conspiracy that tipped him off involved the Iron Sheik and another wrestler. I have him beat because my first conspiracy had Santa Claus in it.

  2. Sam Tripoli annoys the shit outta me. Why’s he talking over every video? How long has he been a Juggalo? Who thinks this guy is funny? Why am I so angry? I couldn’t finish the episode. Seriously.

  3. Meth central up north like clear lake middle town area. Pittsburg I knew someone froze n sold cum as meth watched a tweaker smoke it and ask to buy more they were so twacked lol

  4. "How about the necks few days" ehhhhh????? Nobody heard that during the neck talk lolol

  5. When they mention old comics bringing young unfunny female comics on tour…. 100000% Dice Clay & Kate Quigley

  6. DUDE fucking play the damn sentence before your break cause he talks about "bring a friend" meaning the first guy bringing a friend to hoe him out to the friend he brought . HOLY SHIT it's a damn runon thought that stems from the bring a friend , HOE A MAN OUT.

  7. The naked barber is Australian ya dog cunts, New Zealand doesn't have time for that shit!!

  8. Shit episode it was just about the try it out shit the whole episode rinse wash repeat

  9. My girlfriend wants to know where Christina P's shirt came from so if anyone knows let me know

  10. You know the unedited address of the Try it Out guy. You should mail all this shit to him

  11. Im watching this on my phone and my mum just called and when i answered the video didnt stop right away and she heard "Thick white cum" and she was like "what the hell was that!?" FML

  12. I have to wonder what kind of people u really are when u say that redban is a cool guy or funny or not a complete fucking weirdo. He has to be the strangest, weirdest, creepiest dude thats ever been allowed to be on the air. Seriously what kind of people does that make you. An i love the show but i draw the line with that ass hat. Ok im done now. Lol sorry

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