Tom Phillips – Road to WWE, Jericho, New Day, Wrestlemania, etc – Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


  1. You should try record a podcast with Bryon. I'd love to hear his perspective on the banter between he and Graves. Thanks you, Sam.

  2. Man Tom Phillips must be a straight pimp if his wife didnt leave him after he was publicly shown wanting to skull fuck a girl. My wife would kill me . All joking aside Tom Phillips is great.

  3. PLEASE do one of these with byron, if you haven't already.

  4. I didn't realize he's so young and he's been doing this for such a short time. I think Tom Phillips is a decent play by play announcer and he'll get better with time. After doing it for a long time (and after Vince gives up the power) he'll surely be great. As a matter of fact if only he and Graves were the Smackdown commentators (no Saxton) they'd have a great dynamic.

  5. Imagine if Sam asked Tom about his dirty texts to the chick he cheated on his fiancé with?

  6. I hate that i listen to the podcast, then a video gets released the next week. Why not just release the video at the same time?!

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