“Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell are dumb as a box of rocks and are getting played by De La Hoya.”


  1. Im surprised that chael talks bad about chuck, he's an mma legend and if it wasnt for people for him, chael wouldnt have a pot to piss in. ive seen chuck in interviews, he's not a dumbass. tito is an idiot, 50 cent is an idiot but chuck?, damn man. lol

  2. Then again Tito married a porn star so he's judgement has never exact been he's strong suit

  3. doubt GBP goes out of business by UFC boxing play. Dana will not overpay a star enough to get them over to his brand & won’t have the long play to build stars long term. He can make money and be a player; don’t get me wrong but be THE Brand like how he is in mma? NO

  4. Put some god damn respeck on chuck Liddell’s name. He’d still drop you now so apologise.

  5. its odd how, even in the twighlight of his career, chael continues to raise the bar as the GOAT shit talker

  6. Id only buy that fight if oscar dresses as the ring girl.

  7. I’m sure they know it won’t happen n Oscar is using them.
    But they are getting big attention that can only help them in any lame thing they wanna do to extend their lame.
    They can maybe play an alien ravager in guardians 3 if they are still known names or maybe get a speaking line in the Crow 5

  8. Chael talks like he knows the business in and out like a Fertitta brother. Great guy but just because you’re a good talker doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of the fight business any better than your peers.

  9. When he said "you STUPID son of a bitch! @ 5:02 I just about died laughing lmao.

    I could watch chael talk in front of a camera for hours lol

  10. What press conference is this guy talking about…

  11. the real question is, are chuick and tito out of money….why arnt they getting a piece of the pie, no one wants to see chuick vs tito.

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