The MMA Beat: Episode 195


  1. I have been holding my tongue but with all due respect I just want to tell Segura to shhhhhhhhhh and let the grown ups talk. That’s the nicest way I can say it.

  2. I wasn't the biggest fan before but Danny did good, the point he made about the judging system very valid, he kind brought them all back to reality a couple, well done Danny S.

  3. Mousasi will fight Shlemenko next and MacDonald will fight Jon Fitch next. Bellator owes Shlemenko a rematch after that poor decision and he also was their former middleweight champ. Bellator signed Fitch for a reason. I'm sure they said that they would give him a title shot real soon. After all he's 40 years old. This is the reason that these two fight make sense.

  4. Nope, never liked Bisping, don't see this respect you claim he's getting. Nobody outside of UK likes him. Farewell Bisping. Hopefully I never hear from you like Koscheck.

  5. When discussing Till’s weight I think it was either Luke or Ariel said it was Till’s 2nd time missing weight but it was only his first, still enjoyed the discussions!

  6. MMA judges should be forced to wear headphones.//Congratulations to the Count /// How did Danny have those first two rounds for Till?

  7. Is this the last time the 3 of the 4 are on the show? Ariel will be covering UFC Chicago next week so it’s his last show with Jeff leaving a few months ago

  8. Bisping is a warrior. When he looks back at his mma career he will have no regrets, he made the most of what he had that is the biggest compliment you can pay any athlete

  9. Bisping was huge overseas but this American POV is not doing justice for his star power. I'm not a fan of his but it would be interesting to listen to journalists let their emotional connection to their fellow countryman influence their coverage of him.

  10. I think the point Danny and Luke were trying to make is that before Mousasi and Rory came along the fans didn't really give two shits who the Bellator MW and WW champs were. That has obviously changed now, and considering how easily each guy was able to dispatch of the previous champ, chances of them losing their belts is relatively low. I don't see very many fans banging the drums for this fight at the moment. So, why not have both men defend their belt a few times and bring some prestige to their titles. Let the iron heat up and have the fight simmer for a year and a half, maybe even two years. Then, after each guy has finished laying waste to their respective divisions – make it happen.

  11. Ariel your dream job should be to carry MMAFighting to a place parallel with ESPN as far as MMA coverage goes. You did that and much more, surpassing ESPN. Joining ESPN will now destroy what you built, in order to join something thats already built. You will never get more legit exposure than your 5 hour show every week. Now you're expecting us to watch commercials and watch watered down content if we want to watch you.

    Its weird that your audience doesnt factor into your decision. You'll find out soon enough that the larger sports world has nothing but wilfull ignorance towards MMA. It won't take you long to realize why. Can't believe you're leaving. For anything. What you think is a long term positive decision will be realized as short sighted mistake. Don't give this up.

  12. I feel like Usman/Till can wait… I'd rather see Masvidal/Till & Usman/Covington then set them up for a contender fight.

  13. One word for Michael Bispen (LEGEND) That beard guy who rambles on base ball has nothing to do with fighting,. there will never be another Michael the COUNT Bispen .

  14. With all of Bisping's success and failures, it would make a legit movie series like Rocky. The Count starring Tom Hardy

  15. Bellator was better this weekend and Bisping is an all time great. Hope his eye 👁 heals. Moose is the best middle weight. Rory is top 3 if not number one. Wonder boy 3 boring fights in a row

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