The MMA Beat: Episode 194


  1. Luke is great at what he does, but as a lead he jumps all over the place.. let’s remember it’s the a team .. Chuck is great .. Danny ( the repeater) Segura will not be the same with out Arielllllllll! Helwaniiiiii

  2. Everyone at MMA Fighting will be thirsty for an ESPN job for the rest of 2018, I wouldn't be surprised if more people leave.

  3. Last time I’m watching this cause of the damn delays in the beginning which could easily be fixed but your staff is trash

  4. Luke "NO SHOW" Thomas…. I Think Luke is a little salty that he didn't get any offers from ESPN, his demeanor has changed since the recruiting started… JMO

  5. I hope they keep the rankings…maybe find a better way to determine them..but keep them. Independent would be worth a try.

  6. Ariel is going to be such a big loss. Does Jed do anything other than the morning report for mmafighting?

  7. Ariel is about to crash & burn at ESPN. I look forward to his departure from MMA forever. He's a total hack.

  8. Please send Segura to write about the minions and bring someone with some mma knowledge…. It's ridiculous to try to form him as an mma journalist when they guy has no clue of what he is talking about

  9. They’re not letting an independent body influence their matchmaking in regards to rankings. Anyone who can’t see that rankings are ufc propaganda is blind

  10. Yall think luke thomas should host the Mma hour? Hes the second popular person on there. He breaks down fights amazingly well. He has my vote even though alot of ppl hate him lol!

  11. Nice combo, when Luke is not around, the duo Ariel and Chuck it's always a win. And that's that!

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