The MMA Beat: Episode 193


  1. These analysts don't understand that every second of a fight a person has the internal voice of "are you going to quit, can you handle this or are you going to quit" on a constant loop. It's the fight or flight response. The second a fighter chooses to quit, chooses flight instead of fight, they will quit again and much sooner next time. Once a person gives up on themselves they are much more likely to do it again. Fighters can't just go do their best and quit when times get tough…that would lead to a very poor career. Penningtons corner saved her mentally at the cost of some physical damage. Her corner should have stopped the fight themselves after the 4th but once she said she wanted to quit they had to send her back out for more. They should be criticized for not thinking of stopping the fight first, that's valid, but once she said she wanted to quit they really shouldn't have let her. The corner is actually being criticized for the wrong reasons.

  2. De la hoya is becoming the scum he used to bash and vowed to not be like when he went into promoting. I have more respect for Bob Arum. Atleast he owns it.

  3. I didn't think Pennington really took a hard ass whoppin . I was surprised when she wanted to quit

  4. Luke's math is as good as his Cynthia Calvillo pronunciation. Dern's weight = 123. Dern had to weigh 116. 123-116=7, not 8. I can't stand her, but that has nothing to do with math and logic.

  5. Luke is awesome. Nice to see an intellect with a strong vocabulary in the combat sports world.

  6. I like the show when ariel n luke are on. But repeating the same talking points 5,10 times in a row gets ridiculous. Ariel i heard you say the same thing literally about 20 times

  7. Why can’t ariel do this show while working for espn? All the hosts work for other companies.

  8. YAIR WAS GIVEN A GIFT in bj penn, and then another gift in frankie edgar, two HUGE names in the sport. the edgar fight was tough but fair, yair is way younger and has been in less wars.
    after those 2 gifts you should never refuse a fight, but he refused 2 in a row, so he is out
    there are people out there like james vick or usman who cant even get tough ranked guys to fight them, so they fight unrakend tough guys

  9. Ariel… were u even listening to your own interview. He already knew Rocky's leg was hurt so why would he ask "why"? He didn't know that it was so painful that she wanted to puke but he knew that the leg was the major problem at the time. Both Rocky & her coach said she told him but the audio didn't catch it. And by the time Rocky turn around and said "I'm done", how many seconds do they have left before she has to continue fighting again. Within that timeframe, u expect her coach to ask why, listen to her, converse, encourage her and then give tactical advice? smh. Btw all the best at ESPN

  10. Only 20 seconds of dead air this week. Getting better. The video editor finally earning their money.

  11. Danny said hes interested in Chuck returning, but after Luke went on about how he's not, Dan says hes not at all interested. Little twerp.

  12. If you thought ESPN was a failing network before, it is now confirmed with Ariel going to ESPN. He is the worst person in MMA, period. He'll be fired from ESPN within a year. If ESPN tries to make him the centerpiece of their MMA coverage, they are dumber than I thought.

  13. I'm interested in Chuck's return. These three donks are tards.

  14. That's the end of this show then. Thanks guys – it was informative and entertaining. Probably a good thing as I will hopefully procrastinate less.

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