The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 364


  1. Fuck off with this stupid NFL shit sooo fucking tired of it. Y'all can watch it and have a big protest party.

  2. Schwab, just like Paige shouldn't talk about her fiancee because it turns half her fans off you belly aching and bitching about Trump , turns half your fans off. Whitney Cummings sucks so does that other horrible comedian.

  3. Brendan is turning into such a bitch constantly calling out peoples fashion like a little girl LOL. Schaub you pussy behave yourself and act like a man not a fucking school girl you fashion fetish freak

  4. Listening to Chin sing country songs is like listening to an orchestra play happy birthday at a kids party. It's a little much. Country music is about the song not breathy boys ii men vocal rolls. He was singing a song about a homeless guy dreaming but his voice was more like let's fuck by candle light. Dial it down and sell the song not your voice. IMO

  5. Usman vs Till is the next fight to make. The classic wrestler vs striker, let's see what happens.

  6. I heard TFATK secured a location for Bryan v Chin, it will be Tuesday in parking lot of the Taco Bell on Beverly Blvd. byob

  7. "I have friends who are balls deep in Christian" ~B. Shaub 2018 🙃

  8. Roseanne on them pills, and she's always been controversial and odd on purpose, but this time she pulled a Kramer. its drugs. pharma drugs. stick with the herbal meds, wouldn't have this problem, all that money gone, all your co-stars out of work again.

  9. Chen singing for nothing, no bitches, no money, just because. for sure gay, got Schaub buying your furniture, still can't do basic web browsing, I hate him, I don't get why they've kept him this long.

  10. 56 minutes in and Brendan is talking about white privilege . keep this sjw shit up and people will stop listening . normal people don't live in this Hollywood, perpetually offended cycle .

  11. Yo Bry- it’s tough man cuz if I go to Church and tell preacherman that I beat my bride up every day and it will continue but don’t worry cuz I’ll be in church every day right after… what he gonna do tell me to pray or call the popo. See, I think when you tell a member of the church you be a scumbag and It’s gonna continue I think you have to report a crime – I don’t think they have same privilege as attorney client – booyakasha respek

  12. Did the fag who wore a pair of candy pink booties on this really start this podcast by making fun of a shirt because its sleeves were a bit baggy for his taste?

  13. Someone needs to tell Brendon it sneakers with anything doesn't go this guy knows nothing about fashion I'm koala I'd know this

  14. Blacks are already equals, stop talking about shit that occurred 50 years ago and then maybe there won't be so much talk about it. Stop with the fucking excuses bitch asses.

  15. ..pls don't tell me this dude turned down billion dollar comic book movie to stay loyal on a $13m budget indie film

  16. sorry, youre too busy w/ tv, stand-up and podcasting to take a role in WONDER WOMAN 2? im spent, must be a joke.

  17. Bryan have you tried rubbing jizz on your psoriasis? A friend told me it cured his. If yours doesn't work try a friends. I donated to my friends cause. Worked a treat.

  18. I’m not a Christian at all but it not that guys job to report her husband to the police, that’s her responsibility to go to the police. That being said him tell the other girl to not report her rapist is a huge problem obviously.

  19. bryan is such a dummy about yhat minister. domestic violence is a crime, he had a duty to report it. biblically, jesus said you have to follow the laws of the land you belong to, and in the real world you have a legal responsibility to report a crime if you become aware of it.

  20. i dont know rosanne, she might be an asshole, she might be racist. but it's way more likely to me she was just telling a joke. a bad joke, but a joke. some of my most favourite comedians have said far more racist things on stage, which were funny, because they were jokes.

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