The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 362


  1. Brendan "I base my idea of intelligent people on how much pop culture they know" Shwuag

  2. sorry ive started watching bispings podcast instead, its just so much funnier and i like bisping better byeee everyone!

  3. Hey Brenny, for sure learn how to pronounce George Carlin’s name if you’re gonna claim he’s one of your “heroes”.

  4. Rogan: you guys are all cunts for posting youtube comments 😀

  5. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Like watching a sexual assault.

  6. Amy "the cunt" Schumer. Yep, met a lot of these dumb asses in my life, in the end they die in vein

  7. Wouldn't be a complete episode without Brendan stepping all over his own dick , George Carlton but he is one of Brendan's idols , such a fucking joke , Bryan run

  8. You can be born mentally ill. There shouldn't be a stigma attached to it but there is, for whatever reason. It is not rational to lop off your piece and scoop out your taint but some folks want to do it. To a degree, acceptance is part of the problem. There are literally cases of grown men with kids, women with kids, abandoning their families to "change governments" (refer to Joey Diaz). It's okay to be mentally ill, it is not okay to push unstable folks into plastic surgery. P.S: LOL at Brendan thinking he'd fight a lion for anyone not his kid.

  9. Brendan needs to lay off Bryan's teeth it's not funny and he sounds like a fucking piece of shit every time he brings it up. Then he starts making fun of Chin in a very unfunny, douchey way. The guy can be a cocksucker sometimes, all the c-list fame is going to his head obviously.

  10. Brendan you do have a friend in your circle that would run… it’s Bryan😂

  11. so they dry hump at the beginning, then they talk way to long about a hot European soccer guy, then talk about how sexy a manly woman is.  So when yall coming out the closet

  12. Serena Williams is butt fuckung ugly!! Looks like a dude! Come on brenden!! U got that hot Mexican dime at home ! Acting like this ugly chic is fine LMAO

  13. fighter and the kid K-POP special…whoops lol someone is getting paid

  14. I was watching tfatk and my mom looks for a minute and said are they gay. And Brendon don't bitch out when the kid took your back bro

  15. kinda lame how they go bad on amy schumer only after they see other people do it, the first episode they knew it was his first headlining gig at carolines and she asked to bump him and defended her.

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