The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 359


  1. Brendan defends MMA with his life.. and can be really annoying about it. Everyone is aware that a 50 Cent fight would not be serious

  2. Shouldn't we all be still mad at these guys for having Simon Rex on. He was the skinny crack head looking guy recently.

  3. Schaub is so fucking stupid… Hey does a speedbag help you box? "NAH B IT JUST HELPS WITH YOUR TIMING AND CONDITIONING IT DOESNT IMPROV YOUR BOXING SKILL"…. What a fucking moron with a speech impediment lul

  4. Why do these big Manly men cross their legs like that?Or ANY guy for that matter! What the fuck man…! Do you not have balls , and wang ? Or do you just like to constantly mush up and squish your balls and cock together under constant pressure. For real though… I don't know why. But one of my pet peeves. Just really annoys me when men sit like that. IS IT EVEN COMFORTABLE!??? How does anyone find that comfy… Or do guys think, even subconsciously think it makes them look smarter, or classier !? Because they've seen some older 'intellectual' college professor doing it or something. Foot on the side on top of the thigh sideways is ok… But don't cross the legs, come on. That's how women sit

  5. The LA talk is so cringey, I literally never believe anything Bryan ever says about actors and their casting stories or whatever, always so exaggerated and over the top. Heath Ledger was good in TDK, that's it. The reason he was so good in TDK is he was such a mediocre actor before that movie so it was a huge shock. He might have been good in Broke Back Mountain but I'm a straight male so yeah never seen that shit. Also, your in a movie with Megan Fox eh Bryan, that makes sooooo much sense now. Was wondering why you were going on about her couple episodes ago, she's so irrelevant now, Transformers was like almost 10 years ago bro. TFATK down fall is the lame fake LA talk that EVERYONE sees through.

  6. From 9:00 to 10:00 really made me look at Brendan different, what a fucking asshole. Reminds of retards at school who just shit on anything they didn’t understand.

  7. Uhh Hey Chin… really appreciate you displaying THAT Google search to the fans But I think I speak for the majority of the fans when I say, feel free to only display that IN STUDIO.

  8. When is Brandon Swab going to take reading lessons? It's painful.

  9. Yo brendan great show! Just uh real quick can I get a price for a set of 235/55/r17s please balanced and everything. You don't have to let me know right away but whenever you have a chance tnx bud

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