The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 357: Simon Rex

Brendan and Bryan are joined in studio by Simon Rex for Episode 357 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about the Gracies, Riff Raff, starring in sitcoms, and much more!


  1. This is kind of sad. I’m a big fan of dirt nasty and I know his part of his act is doin blow but seeing him actually on something is dark.

  2. OMG This Guy’s one of the Funniest People I’ve ever seen! When he said ill Lunge over and Swiss both of you up! I ?

  3. Calories are bullshit, all you need is a line a day to keep those rolls away! – Simon "Dirt Nasty" Rex

  4. Brendan, yes McGregor needs to know what the commission is going to do, but holy shit man, he needs to find out what the legal ramifications of Three counts of assault and One count of criminal mischief are.

  5. You guys should check out Kevin Richardson the lion whisperer. You think what that guy does is crazy check Kevin out.

  6. Damn I love dirt and I truly thought he was cleaning up but he definitely appears a little geeked the fk up here. A shame cuz dirts freestyles are pure hilarity

  7. 3 minutes in, I'm out, hate how they try to out talk each other… You guys really gotta the 3 way podcast under Control

  8. The Scary Movie guy better not be bringing Schaub's big ass nose to any of his coke parties after this.

  9. Hey Bryan, the book “the game” came out in 2005. You said that you used a couple of techniques from said book on a girl in a club. So since you were married in 2008 the techniques that you used were sometime between 2005-2008 is that correct? Careful man, don’t date your stories

  10. Well I was going to make a joke about this guy being coked out of his mind but I guess y’all have it covered lol ??‍♂️?

  11. Brendans the Thanos of dicks, he snaps is fingers and makes half of them disappear.

  12. Lol this guy did gay porn. Look it up. No wonder Callen brought him on.

  13. Actually looks more like meth with his speech and body movements. Hope it's not but, shiiit.

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