The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 356


  1. When tf is swab gonna drop a netflix special for us poor folks? From what ive heard; his comedy is lame

  2. Lol Eddie Bravo saying stupid things isn't new Jamie needs to ignore him like the other flat earth morons.

  3. ..thing is, Schaub is funny within rando conversations, but when he tries to be funny, & riff with his friends Callen, Rogan, D'Elia..whom have given their entire lives to hollywood comedy from the jump, Schaub's jokes always come off forced, basic, cringe awkward..he's not built to be a great traveling stand-up comedian, it's like his fallback, so i don't get why he & Rogan don't push for action movies like the Rock, all that paper. or imagine them all making a comedy action film like Tropic Thunder, push it to netflix..THEN you tour IF you want, or not & count that bread. seems so simple.

  4. Schaub bragging about how he's balls deep in comedy but can't even get George Carlin's name right.

  5. Brendan the type of dude to open his mouth and stick out his tongue when his dog licks his face

  6. ok schaub sticks his dumb fat foot in his mouth again… american idol winners: kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, scotty mccreery, phillip phillips, david cook, jordin sparks, fantasia… you getting the point yet? all of those people i just listed sold millions of records after idol, american idol can't force their contestants to sell records when they're done and some seasons have been incredibly weak overall, but the audience voting has been proven to be the most effective way to show who america would buy music from.

    arguing otherwise makes you sound like a moron, which is what you sounded like here schaub. i know you read the comments, please stop talking like you're an expert when you clearly don't know what you're talking about, it's annoying.

  7. "Batteries included, boner optional" haha but honestly "American BONER" is hands down best comedy special name of all fucking time. I guarantee that it would become one of the greatest stand up specials ever. Definitely top 5 on name alone!

  8. how about naming your special after the loop ending joke of your set. I don't mind american boner it's better than the rest . If you're gonna name it something random, I think I can do better. American boner is the best of the three.

  9. The issue isn't that trump fucked stormy. The issue is that she might have been paid off using campaign money…that's illegal. The FBI didn't go into Cohen's office. The southern district of new York did. And it wasn't an overreach at all. And the comedian at the WHCD made fun of EVERYONE. The left and the right. And she wasn't mean to Huckabee Sanders. She told the fucking truth. SHS is a damn liar and should be called out for it. You guys are so damn ignorant about politics.

  10. Saying "nukilar" bombs are not nuclear might actually be even more retarded than flat Earth.. Has Edgy ever heard of radiation and what it did to those people and unborn babies in Hiroshima, Black rain and all that. Its really fucking disrespectful to be that stupid. Im starting to have enought of that fucking idiot.

  11. The most interesting part of the podcast was Bryan talking about different cultures…I'll say it

  12. The comments for tfatk are the most hilarious on youtube. Raggin on these guys is becoming a national pastime

  13. I hear Brendans balls wrote a letter to Peta to protest him to make him open hes legs and let them have some fresh air to produce testosterone, but Brendan wont let them have any.

  14. Hollywood Schaub is upset that white contestants on American Idol get more votes than black contestants. This dude is gone and he's never coming back. Welcome to The SJW & The Kid.

  15. Chin needs to work on his Google skills that comet came by in 97

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