The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #583 – Steve Simeone


  1. LMAO@ Puerto Rican Nelson always wearing a robe, that's some Hugh Heffner shit.
    R.I.P. Hugh Heffner

  2. How can one asshole go through so many life experiences in one lifetime. Every podcast this guys got a dozen new tales I suspect embellishment. But it’s still riveting.

  3. Steve simone needs t0 direct that joey show stories for days lol great ep.

  4. Hey Joey! I also made amends to people in my life…some excepted…some didnt…at least i tried with no expectation from the results!

  5. Steve is right, listening to Joey's childhood stories plays in my head like an episode of The Wonder Years

  6. Just think how good this would be if Joey actual talked into the mic every once in while instead of mumbling into his chest. Lower that mic Lee!

  7. This homo makes me uncomfortable. As homos often do. He pretends to be empathetic but it's all a ruse to get ass. These people are degenerates.

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