The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #581 – Billy Corben


  1. I live in South Florida, I been here for 8 yrs. now, one thing that's cool here is there is so many different nationalities, and we all seem to get along, I see a big difference, as far as the racism I seen up North, the people here are cool and have a certain respect for one another, don't get me wrong, there is always going to be Assholes, but as a whole, everyone is cool and gets along,,,it's great !!! Florida gets a bad rap, but it's America at it's finest,, ????

  2. I watched this live for ten minutes. Guy didn't take a breath the whole time. Coked up to the gills

  3. I became A Joey Diaz aka Uncle Joey aka CoCo fan about A year ago and A day hasn't went by that I haven't listened to him.He cracks me up,and he's also an inspiration,considering what he's come from and how far he's gone.Im probably his biggest fan.Ya cocksucka!!!

  4. Big fan Joey. Much Love from your boi James Levell, your motivation keeps me "Tip top M'goo" everyday.

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