Should Raquel Pennington’s coach have sent her back out for Round 5?


  1. Had she said "I'm done" to the Ref the fight would have been over instantly. For fighters in the future if you actually want out….tell the Ref.

  2. Hewas really niceashe sent him to his death sogive him a break judge. Hahaha see how that works out for you Chael?

  3. When a fighter has a defeated mindset, they are in a position to get seriously hurt. She wanted to quit because she knew she couldn't defend herself. That's a life threatening situation to be in. The coach should have called it a night.

  4. It is simple, if after they tried to convince her to go back out there, she came back with "I am done, I don't want to go back out", then I say you can blame the corner if the fight wasnt stopped. But what happened was, they convinced her to dig deep and at least give it a try.

  5. kinda irrelevant whats said the day after/what the eventual outcome was. Right then and there it was the wrong call i think, whether she goes out and wins rd 5 or gets killed.

  6. Ufc made the biggest mistake in ufc history giving ronda a monster named Amanda nunes after she lost in the fashion she did against holm. You have to get her confidence back, her mojo, they should have gave her 2 easy opponents then you go with nunes. Ronda was broken but I like my chances with a confident ronda against any woman

  7. She has no problem with the decision, and they probably know her better, good for her she continued. It’s a fight, not a sport, it’s not good for your health to begin with, so quit bitching … And it was her shot at the title, she would probably hate herself if she didn’t continue

  8. Nah man… this isn’t even a discussion. She lost all 4 rounds… and once you admit defeat your will is broken. All they did was make her go out there and take unnecessary damage. It’s ridiculous that so many people are debating this.

  9. Under no circumstance should a fighter just give up in a championship fight unless they're seriously injured. Absolutely heartless.

  10. She not a knock out artist or submission expert if so I would agree she lost all 4 round what was she gone do to win

  11. If she wanted to quit she just had to tell the ref. The coach is there to stop the fight when the fighter is too out of it to do it himself. She's a big girl. At the end of the day you have to look out for yourself.

  12. What annoys me most is the coach said, "*We'll* recover later." No, dude, Rocky's going to be the one who has to recover. He wasn't the one getting his leg kicked out from under him and his nose busted and re-busted open.

  13. Priscila Cachoeira said Mario Yamasaki did the right thing by not stopping her fight earlier.

    Fighters want to fight and they are proud. They are also, as it turns out, loyal. Saying 'well she said this so case closed' is way too simplistic. Bad analysis on your part.

  14. The problem I have is that he offered her no advice at all. She was already beat, what good is it to tell her to give it her all? She already did and lost 4 straight rounds. If you can't put together two words on how she is going to win don't throw her back in

  15. I agree with you completely chael. 100 percent on this one. a very fair minded take on the whole matter.

  16. I agree with Chael. Raquel herself said her corner did the right thing, and her opinion is the one that matters here. You can't demonize a corner for trying to talk their fighter off the ledge the way they did. Pennington could have just tapped at the start of the 5th rd, but she didn't. She took her corner's advice, it just wasn't her night.

  17. I don't get it at all, everyonoe is concentrating on bashing the cornerman when in reality if Pennington thinks she's done, it's HER fault for going back out there, her corner did not force her to listen, she could have just walked out of that cage

  18. Raquel Pennington doesn't seem like the type to give up easily and get down on herself before the fight is over. So when I heard her go to the corner and tell them "I'm done", I knew right away this fight was over.

  19. I agree with the corner.

    Your fighter says they wanna quit in a title bout?

    I can guarantee he heard her say the in practice and sparring before.

    The corner should protect the fighter from themselves; even if that means protect them from not giving 100%

  20. First person to lay it all out perfectly, sick of people saying wahhh what those coaches did was outrageous

  21. You're a dirty, rotten cagefighter with all sorts of crazy opinions. Thank you for providing me with so much entertainment.

  22. They should have stopped the fight. I'm sympathetic of her corner, but 'Rocky' quit. I can see why the cornerman was frustrated and wanted her to keep pushing, but she was mentally weak. Not only should they have not let her go out for round 5, but she should never fight again.

  23. The way i see it, if a fighter tells you they're done and they're super tough you should listen to them and if they're not super tough then you should definitely take them out the fight, there shouldn't be a case where a fighter says they're done and you send them back out. If they say "I think i'm done" then that's a different matter but she didn't she said "I'm done, i wanna be done".

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