Rules don’t apply to Kelvin Gastelum…


  1. I like that Chael does these videos around random people. A lot of people would feel weird about that, but not a gangster.

  2. I really like Gastelum but I don’t see him beating Yoel or the champ.

  3. Come on now, more technical where? On the ground, not on the feet

  4. Jacare is so much bigger. If Jacare was in his prime, this would be easy work for him. This will show what Jacare has left.

  5. jacare has the more technical bjj opbviously, but I think kelvin has insane boxing technique. he has some of the most crispy hands in the division

  6. Welp, The Curse of the ol' Cheal pick strikes again…. now Kelvin is gonna have to build himself back up from thus loss

  7. Kelvin is wasting his career 185 guys are to big for him he would be champ at 170 and if he was disciplined he would make it.

  8. If Kelvin loses to Jacare
    He said im putting down the Tacos? and guarantees to KO Woodley inside 1 Round ?

  9. Kelvin ain’t tappen Jacare.. not happening… but I can def see Jacare getting caught on the feet..

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