Rogan Podcast & much more (starts 3:42) – Ask me anything 18 – Coach Zahabi

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  1. I just watched GSP on JRE.
    I have to say that I am disappointed. I had a higher opinion of George. He said how he felt good about a guy who bullied him in school being broke and jobless. Is it fair to define someone negatively, because of something he did when he was a child? Come on man, how many people didn't do anything wrong in their childhood? It was sad to see that George would feel pleasure in some poor guy having a tough life. I was also bullied as a kid, that doesn't mean when we are 40 years old I want to punish the guy, come on.

  2. It's about damn time Joe Rogan had you on his Podcast. I've been saying it for a long time. Can't wait to hear you guys talk about anything and everything. I watched GSP on Joe's Podcast again today. Was very entertaining. I'll be sure to tune in and watch/listen in June when you're on with Rogan. Cheers Coach Firas!

  3. Great ending to the podcast bro. I find that the music world suffers from similar issues. Both are arts at the end of the day.

    Human corruption and the devaluing of virtue/ethics seems to be the root cause of all great systems and ideas failing. I mean, things start out great and then human corruption gradually seeps into it and kill it's value and Truth.

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