Rogan Podcast & much more (starts 3:42) – Ask me anything 18 – Coach Zahabi

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  1. make a vid about cauliflower ears. your experience, how to prevent it, and deal with it

  2. I want to let everyone that doesn't have $400 to spend on a TimTam know that you can make your own (that is actually better because it has a longer battery and variable speed) for about $110 dollars. Search "Dr. Ben Kim percussion massager" here on YouTube to learn how 🙂

    I'm glad TimTam is sponsoring this show but they're essentially selling a rebranded jigsaw. Watch that video and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Squeeze out one full fresh lemon in a bowl and use a small towel or paper towel and make it wet with the lemon juice then put it inside your gloves and go all around it it kills the smell pretty good. I normally use 1/2 of a lemon for each glove so if you clean the pair you are gonna need one full lemon.

  4. Hi Firas, missed the AMA but what do you think about Danaher dvd series ? Does it worth the 200$? Thanks!!

  5. Whoever said the U.S was more divided during the Obama administration is crazy and clearly a Trump supporter

  6. Dude I could listen to you talk about training all day. Thanks for the knowledge.

  7. Free radicals in food oxidize and this is the biggest contrabution to inflammation in the body, so yes fasting will definitely reduce inflammation dramatically.

  8. Firas wasn't joking when he said he didn't know anything about politics. Unfortunately he doesn't know what communism is and I highly doubt he's read Marx. If he had he would no that THERE IS NO STATE IN COMMUNISM. The goal of communism is to abolish the state and the government. I have a lot of respect for Firas Zahabi but when he claims to know about something and gives such a shallow and factually incorrect assessment it really undermines his credibility.

  9. Vinegar mixed with water gets rid of the smell from gloves. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it into them.

  10. June 19th is gonna be a field day for me. Another great AMA, thanks for making the mma community a better place coach.

  11. Great ending to the podcast bro. I find that the music world suffers from similar issues. Both are arts at the end of the day.

    Human corruption and the devaluing of virtue/ethics seems to be the root cause of all great systems and ideas failing. I mean, things start out great and then human corruption gradually seeps into it and kill it's value and Truth.

  12. It's about damn time Joe Rogan had you on his Podcast. I've been saying it for a long time. Can't wait to hear you guys talk about anything and everything. I watched GSP on Joe's Podcast again today. Was very entertaining. I'll be sure to tune in and watch/listen in June when you're on with Rogan. Cheers Coach Firas!

  13. I just watched GSP on JRE.
    I have to say that I am disappointed. I had a higher opinion of George. He said how he felt good about a guy who bullied him in school being broke and jobless. Is it fair to define someone negatively, because of something he did when he was a child? Come on man, how many people didn't do anything wrong in their childhood? It was sad to see that George would feel pleasure in some poor guy having a tough life. I was also bullied as a kid, that doesn't mean when we are 40 years old I want to punish the guy, come on.

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