Monday Morning Analyst: Raquel Pennington and Cornering in MMA

At UFC 224, Raquel Pennington lost to Amanda Nunes in the main event. The pair were battling for the UFC women’s bantamweight title. However, between the fourth and fifth rounds, Pennington told her corner she was done. Rather than listen to her, they sent her back out for the fifth where she was summarily TKO’d.

In this episode of the podcast, we examine the arguments in favor of sending Pennington back into the fifth and demonstrate, one by one, why none are convincing. We also dig into Davi Ramos’s win over Nick Hein. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. She asked the question Luke and she was talked out of it by people who actually know her! Your first point is so wrong on so many levels. We will never know until the fighter comes out to discuss this. This is a big deal because she is a woman and that should be discussed as well.

  2. She could have said it to the ref at ANY time, she didnt, she said it to her coach, and he did the right thing. Get a clue noobs.

  3. If Rocky went out and knocked her out you would say it was a genius move by her coach so quit making up drama, its getting old.

  4. Luke at the start of the fifth, the ref says , ARE YOU READY?, if she says yes,THAT IS CONSENT. Cmon man.

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