Monday Morning Analyst: Raquel Pennington and Cornering in MMA

At UFC 224, Raquel Pennington lost to Amanda Nunes in the main event. The pair were battling for the UFC women’s bantamweight title. However, between the fourth and fifth rounds, Pennington told her corner she was done. Rather than listen to her, they sent her back out for the fifth where she was summarily TKO’d.

In this episode of the podcast, we examine the arguments in favor of sending Pennington back into the fifth and demonstrate, one by one, why none are convincing. We also dig into Davi Ramos’s win over Nick Hein. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. I'm torn on this, I get the back lash from everyone, but I also get why the team or coach persuaded her to get back in the cage. If in the future the fighter looks back and wishes he or she never quit, they may never know what could of happened. Her going back in the cage at least she knows that she lost properly without having to know what could have been if she quit after round 4. The fighter knows best and the fighter sometimes doesn't know.. it's really hard to judge or even say. Team wants the best and will push the fighter to it's limit.. some times fighters need that.. some times team doesn't know and the fighter quits.. But it was a brutal finish and she ended up in the hospital to what cost? suffering more damage in the end.. the game is brutal in MMA.

  2. Most people who don't agree with her corner have never competed in combat sports. If you never laid it all on the line against another human being, you are not in a position to judge us who have. You trust your corner with your life. I have competed and agree 100% with the corner.

    Also, there is a safety word Luke….its "tap." She could have said it to her corner or the ref at anytime!

  3. God you talk in such a pretentious way. We get it you have a verbose vocabulary. Fantastic….

  4. Good breakdown. I agree, after being beaten up for four rounds, how can we expect that she should be able to or even have to articulate why she didn't want to continue? There may have been something deeper going on with her that the coach wouldn't know.

  5. When there's brain damage on the line, there shouldn't be arguments against it. Pennington is still a savage, no shame on admitting defeat.

  6. Raquel lose fights all the time B. , She tough right?….. She Be Alright…. – Amanda Nunes voice

  7. The way she told her cornor "I want to be done" sounded to me like "I want to quit, please don't let me give up". If she really wanted it to be over she would've told the ref she's done.

  8. You can say what u want, in combat sports, quitting ruins a fighter forever. Rocky will make a few $100k more over her career because she didn’t quit. See Duran,riggo,ortiz. You can say what you want, but I’m positive she’d lose all her sponcers if she’d quit…it’s this “what it should be” not “what it is” culture. They made her a lot of $. No1 supports a quitter

  9. Here is the argument for sending her back out: This was a championship fight and there is always a chance you can win. The damage you will sustain pales in comparison to the rewards you may receive. Letting her quit would forever gnaw at her soul as she asks herself "what if?"

  10. The corner must take the health and safety of the athlete seriously, and always FIRST. So what if they have a relationship with the athlete. How many times have we seen in boxing and other mma organizations where an athlete died in the ring or a day or so after. Well, those athletes had relationships with their coaches too and death and injury overrode that. The UFC doesn't need an athlete death in the octagon or just after. It's gonna be hard to sell PPVs after people start dying. People say the UFC is becoming pro wrestling, well pro wrestling had a lot of deaths, and injuries that led to deaths, across many organizations, most notably Owen Hart. The UFC doesn't want that at all. If an athlete says he or she can't go, then it needs to be called. That's the right of the athlete.

  11. Your arguments are solid from a moral and logical standpoint…but…fighting with the knowledge of the damage possible is inherently illogical… granted, logic can and should be used in cornering/fighting. Also, this was a title fight. May be the only chance in a career, and it may haunt them when another big fight comes up. Again, although Pennington is tough in the cage physically, by her own admission has been weak mentally on several occasions….she was dropped by a coach for that reason……also, none of this would be talked about to this extent if it was a guy. Again, i
    I appreciate your intelligent points

  12. Couldn’t agree with Luke more. When that day comes, everybody is going to be pointing at someone else placing the blame.

  13. The corner should've asked her initially if she had any left. The fact they believed she had more proves they don't know her. They didn't even offer any advice!!!

  14. i think a fighter should never be in the position where they have to throw the towel in themselfes.. the corner should want to stop it before the fighter does …
    especially in a fight like Valentina Shevchenko vs Priscila Cachoeir i think the ref was bad but ultimately i think the corner is more to blame than Mario Yamasaki …

  15. Had Raquel refused to resume the bout claiming "existential crisis", it would have been an unredeemable blow to her brand. Her corner knew it, she knew it. Raquel needed a doctor or referee stoppage which failed to materialize until she was curled-up, disfigured and pouring blood. What part of the hurt game's new here?

  16. Man f*** that s*** if she wanted to quit she shouldn't got off the store how the f*** are we going to blame her Corner she's a quitter next year if she wins for fights in a row if she fights Amanda again do you think she can be there???? Who gives a f***

  17. Reminds me of Rory's fight with Lawler-Rory went back for more with a broken nose, but he took another shot there and he sat down-there must be something about badly broken noses

  18. Agreed with you on this one Mustard King. To the cavemen saying if she went out and knocked her she's a genius, well show us ONE example in the history of MMA where a fighter has actually verbally said to their corner I'm done and then wins a fight???, end of the forth she got nailed with about 3 vicious knees to the face which ended her…and Pennington was to tough to then disrespect her team and tell the ref she'd quit. She emphasised what it really means to go out on their sword cause she kept fighting and took more vicious damage till she could leave the octagon with absolute respect from her team.

  19. I would've liked Luke's breakdown on what happened at the snacks table immediately after Thunder Thighs Dern weighed in.

  20. I can't think of any other fight where the fighters says they're done but the coach tells them to keep fighting.

  21. Luke at the start of the fifth, the ref says , ARE YOU READY?, if she says yes,THAT IS CONSENT. Cmon man.

  22. If Rocky went out and knocked her out you would say it was a genius move by her coach so quit making up drama, its getting old.

  23. She could have said it to the ref at ANY time, she didnt, she said it to her coach, and he did the right thing. Get a clue noobs.

  24. She asked the question Luke and she was talked out of it by people who actually know her! Your first point is so wrong on so many levels. We will never know until the fighter comes out to discuss this. This is a big deal because she is a woman and that should be discussed as well.

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