Michael Bisping talks retirement | ANIK AND FLORIAN PODCAST


  1. 1 of the greatest tuf fighters ever middleweight champ!!! Hall of fame. will be missed

  2. he shouldnt have taken the gastelum fight , then he could've had a proper retirement fight.

  3. Michael bisping wasn't really one of my favorite fighters, but that Anderson Silva fight, smh. The judges must have been on drugs when they handed him the decision over Silva.The Ufc won't miss him.

  4. Could care less. Only fight I remember of his was the first Dan Hendo fight.

  5. This guy made me lose alot of money still can't believe it . Lol don't count him out

  6. Not the biggest fan. But one of the toughest to ever do it.

  7. Completely agree with his choice. Eye sight should be a priority and I'm suprised he didn't retire after the Belfort fight with that injury.
    However, Bisping Vs. Machida would've been a hellava retirement fight. I'll be disappointed if Bisping goes to Bellator.

  8. So like… what’s going to happen to this channel since ufc isn’t with fox anymore

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