Mauro Ranallo – Living with Bipolar, Leaving WWE, Medication, NXT, etc – Sam Roberts & Jim Norton


  1. it's really cool to see more and more people from the sports (entertainment) industry talking about mental health issues. so shout out to kevin love, demar derozan, mauro ranallo and all the other guys who are fighting the stigma and telling other people that depression, anxiety ect. are serious diseases that don't care about your income, skin color or celebrity status.

  2. Mauro is such a top guy. I have Crohns and depression/anxiety so I know where he's coming from with the mental illnesses and the stigma surrounding them. Top lad.

  3. I listened to this episode at work with my headphones. It had me in tears from the very beginning. I was not expecting that at all! I could listen to this conversation for hours.

  4. Mauro's the best. I'm glad that he's experiencing the success that he's had and that he's found a place in the WWE where he's clearly having a lot of fun.

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