Maia vs Kamaru (Starts 1:59) recap and much more – Ask me anything 17 – Coach Zahabi

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  1. 19:20 I suspect with some it's low level dyspraxia and it's a lot more common than people think.

  2. Refs still guilty of breaking up fighters too early. Especially in cases where they are on the ground and the guy on the bottom is just tying up the guy on top and making no attempt to sweep or get back up. If refs were also looking for the guy on the bottom to improve his position and not only on the guy on the top, we would have more exciting grappling exchanges in MMA. The refs are just pandering to a certain vocal segment of the fans booing every clench and grapple. That's gotta stop.

  3. Firas, the previous mic was much better. Also you might want to place it a little bit further from you to make your voice a little more clear and less bassy (due to "proximity effect"). Hope it will help.

  4. Asslam o alaikum coach
    I want to ask you that how do weak sighted people fight in pro career? And can a weak sighted person fight with contact lenses on?
    Please do answer

  5. How does one make money rolling 6-8 hours a day? A job on top of that? I guess its like two jobs ya?

  6. Serious question. Why can’t Muslim’s eat bacon and is it true Muslim men are not aloud to look at porn and do that funky stuff?

  7. Agree that the ref should never have stepped in in round one. You have to understand the combatants. If Derrick Lewis and Ngannou get tied up it’s one thing. But Maia is so dangerous once he gets his hands on you, that you can’t allow his opponent a free pass in a situation like that.

  8. just voted for you firas and for tristar gym. your Q+A sessions are the best online for any hardcore mma fan. i just got that 'supple leopard' book that you recommended the other day and the first three chapters were just full of revelations, and 2 friends that i also showed it to. just wow. i made it 30 years without being taught a proper pushup lol. THANK YOU. also like how you cover philosophy, with curiosity more than bias. stay up!

  9. Hi Coach I saw you at the cinéma a couples of months ago. First comment, just wanna say I'm a big fan, keep doing this, great value. Merci!

  10. I have now voted on the site for Coach Firas Al Zahabi and for Tristar Jim Hall
    يستاهل ولدنا ما شاء الله عليه

  11. I think Maia should set up his takedowns through the clinch like Khabib rather than shooting from far away over and over again.

  12. Although people talk about the entertainment but there real entertainment is watching the truth of a fight of the highest skill unfold and when you have a ref stand up fighters due to “inactivity” they obstruct the truth. In many other fights more so. I think the incentive of getting a bonus is more than enough and should only really be the case if the fighters are payed a decent about to begin with

  13. These last few fights for Maia have been strange. At the end, I'm thinking: "Well, he lost that one." But the thing is, I can't really tell you what the opponent did to actually WIN. They are basically winning by avoiding the actual fight.

  14. I thought it was strange the ref broke them up in the first. Not sure if it was a stalemate and perhaps that's what the ref thought. Damian needs to change his game… can't seem to beat high level wrestlers who are good at striking

  15. Thanks for your time Firas. Hope your brother's doing well, looking forward to seeing him compete again!

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