Live Chat: UFC-ESPN+ Deal, UFC 224 Preview And More


  1. Luke what happened to albert tumenov he was on a roll and then lost and havent heard from him since is he injured? Ufc needs more prospects like him

  2. Nate cant beat GSP…this is not like Nate's chances vs Conor…..I will give Nate less than 1% to beat the GOAT

  3. Couldn't agree more. GSP vs. Nate is the fight absolutely nobody has been asking for. Even GSP himself gave some reasons not too long ago why he wasn't interested in this fight. I don't know what the hell changed that he would suddenly be into it. If it's money he's never come across as being just for the money. He has always acted as if legacy is what's important to him now but this fight will do absolutely NOTHING for his legacy.

  4. Fighters are stupid. They look at the money that they are going to make in their next fight and that is it. Can you imagine if a few fighters went to Ireland and spoke to Conor and asked him for help. Not for themselves, but for other fighters and their families. Now that Conor is a dad he might understand more. If the fighters have/had someone like him and Nate to back them up the UFC might even listen, might.

  5. Besides money the Nate vs GSP sets up a lot. It could set up Conor vs Nate III, GSP vs Conor or Khabib. GSP's camp said that they would love to fight Conor. GSP said that he wouldn't fight Conor at 170lbs. because he would be the bigger man and h doesn't pick on small fighters. By getting Nate excited again this could also set up Gaethje vs Diaz.

  6. Hilarious one , the smurf name i had forgotten all about that ,great work Mr thomas

  7. Big fan, no idea why you blocked me (never said a negative thing), please unblock if possible, @Boss_Jacoby

  8. Pennington is in way over her head. Seams woefully unprepared for the title shot. She's gonna be a deer in headlights with the long layoff.

  9. A hour and 30min of just your face? C'mon man, you gotta be a diehard fan to watch the entire thing.

  10. I don’t like the 6 ppvs a year idea. As for the espn+ I hope they make it like the wwe’s network were you can watch ppv’s for a subscribed fee not $60 per ppv.

  11. Its red panty night when u fight Conor, its Pink Polo night when u fight Cotton Candy ass Luke.

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