Live Chat: Nate Diaz’s Return, Bellator 198 Results and More

Nate Diaz is reportedly in talking to return in August at UFC 227. Will he do that and who should he fight? We’ll discuss. Plus, Bellator 198 is in the books and many of the results will help boost the organization’s effort. On the other hand, their ratings’ woes continue. What does that mean for the organization? We’ll dig into that plus Nicco Montano’s media issues and more. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat.


  1. Tyron Woodley would murder Nate Diaz. Can't believe anyone even thinks that's a suitable matchup. Maybe if Nick Diaz comes to WW. But let's face it, Woodley is really underrated. Dude would wreck either of the Diaz brothers. The big fight should be Woodley v GSP.

  2. Diaz brothers need to get back in the octagon or disappear. At this point they are nothing more than teenage girl drama queens.

  3. Bellator is struggling in part due to streaming. Spike is hard for me to get on my streaming package through Sling. It's outside the 2 cheaper packages that include FS1.

  4. obviously it would have been jimmy smiths bellator contract preventing him from being on rogan duh, not that rogan wasn't allowed to have him on. rogan can have whoever he wants on his podcast

  5. youtubeTV is where its at, i get all my MMA that i need, all my NHL games, and my wife gets to whatch her soaps & local news .. Youtube TV weymouth MA.. best streaming service..

  6. I like hearing what Luke has to say but damn does he drags things out!. Thank god for x1.25 speed!!

  7. I'd like to see a 165 weight class and a hw cut off at 240 then add super hw 240 plus up to 280lbs

  8. Dont think Nate would come back for Kevin Lee. Nate doesnt wanna come back to face a wrestler, its gotta be Gaethje or Eddie.
    Even though both can wrestle they will stand up with Nate and who doesnt want to watch a Diaz vs Gaethje fight?? That alone is worth the price of admission.

  9. The Iron Lady held the belt until she got stripped. Why couldn’t Nico be doing the same thing?

  10. And Bill Burr > Doug Stanhope all day, every day. Bill Burr very well may be the funniest man alive

  11. How long does he ramble on about all that tv deals crap at the beginning so I can skip it. ?

  12. Also Ariel gets way too much hate I think he's a sweet heart but I think people just think he's an easy target. It's the by product of being too nice. I'm also one of those

  13. Tbh I don't know why but your personality kinda rubbed me the wrong way at first or maybe it was Jon Jones planting some seeds in my dome, but actually you seem like a chill logical person

  14. Fedor beats Chael. Bader beats Mo. Bader beats Mitrione. Fedor beats Bader. Fedor GOAT.

  15. Can you imagine if Bellator was on Netflix? That would be sick

  16. Hi Luke – Could you tell us how viewership through the Paramount app (or any other apps for that matter) on AppleTV, Roku, etc. is counted for the purpose of measuring the overall watch number? Thanks.

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