Live Chat: Michael Bisping Retirement, UFC Liverpool Results, UFC Utica Preview

On today’s podcast, we’ll discuss the retirement of Michael Bisping, the UK’s first UFC champion. What did he accomplish in his career and what can we say about it? We’ll discuss. We’ll also look at the results from UFC Liverpool: Stephen Thompson vs. Darren Till. We’ll also look ahead to UFC Utica and more. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.


  1. Luke, The Last Jedi was only supported by paid off writers. The movie was full of plot holes, dumb political statements and in essence destroyed the Star Wars Universe. Sales have been going down, down down compared to what was expected. It is hard to think that they could mess up a Franchise like Star Wars but somehow it happened. That isnt just dorks who like robots shooting lasers in space, thats the majority of folks who thought the lastest round of SW movies suck. Get out of your DC bubble. The Force doesnt need to be, "female" or male for that matter, people just like a good story without somebody shoving their politics down our throats. Sales prove that, dont be so dismissive of opposing points of view, you sound like a CNN dork.

  2. Its an all new low, Soccer and Rap discussions. How the mighty have fallen ! Can we just stick to MMA and not insecurities, the show is great when you just comment on your strengths !

  3. Hey Luke, always been a huge fan of your work. Noticed you have a copy of Guns, Germs and Steel on your bookshelf. One of my all time favorites. Wondering if you could provide us with a video bookshelf tour at some point or maybe a couple of links to your favorite books of all time. I love reading books based on recommendations from people I respect. If not, that's cool too. Keep up the good work Luke!

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