Keziah Daum Interview: Teen Accused of Racist Prom Dress Speaks Out | Luke Thomas

Keziah Daum made waves on social media recently for wearing a Chinese dress from prom that critics said was racist and made her guilty of cultural appropriation. In this interview from my radio show on Wednesday, Daum joined me to discuss the Twitter uproar, why she stands by her decision to wear the dress, and much more.

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  1. All of you donks saying stick to mma guests, I get it, but it’s not a surprise. He’s had plenty of non mma guests on his Sirius show. Relax.

  2. Is this really a liberal thing, or just some butthurt Chinese guy trying to claim appropriation? As a black man myself, as long as whoever it is shows appreciation and respect to the culture they’re “borrowing” from, you can’t say that they’re appropriating that culture.

  3. How this is news is already beyond my understanding, but moreover, how is Luke related to this girl in any capacity, other than they both use Twitter?

  4. The left ALWAYS over play their hand. This is nothing new. Sounds like this young lady leans liberal but found out (the hard way) that the left eat their own. Impressed by her poise and maturity.

  5. Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China wears Western suits (not Mao suits or Confucian era robes). Is that not cultural appropriation?

  6. People are so stupid it's hard to even believe teach people a new word like " cultural appropriation " and they're like that's bad. They don't even know why. All music, religion and language is appropriated and mixed. Don't even speak English unless you invented it .

  7. Those people who were offended probably aren't even Chinese or from (or live) China. They're just haters because this hot white girl wears the dress better than they ever could. This is 2018. Globalization will eventually bring us all under One-Earth against invading aliens. Fuck those dumb haters who don't know what culture appropriation is. They only wish they were 10% as hot as Keziah.

  8. Cultural appropriation has been beaten down so much its pointless.

    Unless someone is making money off of your culture with no one from your culture then stfu…. seriously

  9. Real Chinese (born in china) dont care about this, they actually think its great other cultures wear there cloths.

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