Joe Rogan Experience #1116 – Steven Tyler


  1. Tyler: I love you man
    Joe: I love you too man you're awesome
    Tyler: no seriously, I love you
    Tyler: I love you
    Joe: ok this is getting weird

  2. Steven Tyler wrote a song, gifted Joe and non-stop praised Joe Rogan, there is no doubt in my mind, Steven Tyler wanted to have but sex with Joe Rogan, and you can’t convince me otherwise

  3. I love him. I love him. I love him. Oh my god I love him. His energy is fucking awesome! ✌?

  4. Joe doesn't like bullshit and you can tell from this interview. Steven Tyler is on another planet.

  5. So stupid to believe in a stupid evolution that never existed, prideful as humans.. takes more faith to believe in this shit than to accept reality that God is.

  6. Uncle Salty! Steven Tyler. Bahston boys sure know how to rock me. So happy to see him on the JRE. He is the first guy I ever hung a photo of upon my walls as a girl. I also lived on Maui, saw Aerosmith live for their make-up concert @ the MACC, 2009, and oh how they rocked. Perry did a backbend during a solo and split his pants wide open. It was spectacular. I also carry a knife on my person or in my purse, however I was not stoned for 30 years. Kings and queens and guillotines…Toys In The Attic, my children. Bought it at age 15, and my mom got this look on her face… I was soon gone from her, long gone. In the attic, boys. Toys! I meant toys…

  7. Damn he nodded out at around 50 minutes shit man…what was that!?
    Joe's like uhhhm u okay bro?

  8. If Youtube gave out grades for podcast uploaders Young Jamie would have the 2nd A of his life.

  9. "I got to sit next to J.Lo and Randy Jackson… motherfucker… what a beautiful guy…" Steven Tyler 57:04

  10. i disagree, john mccain is a piece of shit
    still no mention of people talking baseless shit on trump, but when he responds to it hes a "bully"
    even if he was, who gives a fuck, if you over the age of 20 and you care about someone "bullying" you, you need to see a psychiatrist

  11. when are you gonna bring a real medium!! somebody that has some background, respected and that could spike you up with some truth about that subject ! and joe have you ever even tried to go out in nature and see stuff in the sky with a naked mind?? you won't believe if you dont truly try and make contact yourself … or with someone that has enough proof with different media outlets.. like peruvian Sixto paz.. or many others

  12. for the amount of drugs he has done and still alive, very impressive
    one of my fav JRE and I LOVE YOU

  13. Man…he looks great for 70,seems like a rly cool dude,his memory and some of his ideas are a little bit scattered but im amazed hes as cognizant as he is for his age regardless…hell man hes doing great,how the hell does he still look as good as he does,he looks 40…cool af hes still alive and seems to be doing really well…

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