Joe Rogan Experience #1115 – Mike Baker


  1. i just looked up counter insurgency
    seems like a coin easily flipped
    but please do go on

  2. It makes me so happy to see another legit guest. This guy is head and shoulder's more interesting than the majority of the people on the podcast lately.

  3. Wow, Iran getting more bellicose? Israel has been bombing Iranians in syria since trump exited the deal yesterday. Trying to get them to overreact so israel can go buckwild. Fuck this spook.

  4. Has this ex CIA shill on the podcast multiple times but wont have Alex Jones back on? The man from the most viewed Rogan podcast ever, wonder why?

  5. Joe "I can tie my shoes with my eyes closed" Rogan

  6. mike buddy
    how ya doin old sock?
    i only ask because i wanna see what flight path you come in on this time
    spring is in the air

  7. Mike Baker is in idiot.
    of course pulling out of the Iran deal makes other world leaders think that the US does not uphold deals made it by the previous administration and could change with the stroke of a pen, if a new leader is elected.
    2nd how was the Iran deal in adequate?
    It was literally the perfect deal, we gave Iran back they are billions that we basically stole from them, remove sanctions, and they are less likely to develop a nuclear weapon than they would otherwise!

  8. Mike Baker is a former professional LIAR for the CIA. He's a huge piece of shit and you shouldn't believe anything he says!

  9. Gotta be sharing a bit too much confidential stuff for an ex-cia dude, otherwise sounds like spreading bits of mis-information here and there

  10. TL;DR: Jamie, you're going to Prison for all the dirty dirty porn you have been watching on Joe's internet at the studio.

    Odd for such a seemingly meaningless thing like this damn watch… he certainly is WAYYY beyond the personallity of one to be so negligent and fleeting as to forget his phone/devices being off– not once, not TWICE, THREE TIMES UNTIL CONTACT WAS MADE UPON THE DEVICE (s). For this task, this sidebar long shot of a stoner's bored imagination certainly reddit worthy line of bullshit here, this task of "getting both or one of them to the touch and therefore /print/ upon on of his devices.

    TAKE NOTE OF HIS MANNERISMS and THE WATCH @YOUNGJAMIE — a tad nervous certainly anxious yet planned & confidently desired event.
    His demeanor dances around his words attempts to manipulate dictate yet seem submissive to his host Joe, but ALL is to to further his *agenda*.

    again… take a deeper look at how Mike has always /ever/ been… how he has always handled say– odd moments (quick meaningless or in-depth meaningful), or say– sensitive awkward moments in this and all his previous appearances… seems to display a pattern of consistent behavior. This being, just as he always has done, he keeps it roughly ~90% with us & Joe (and he is never not aware of what stage he is on and what his job/efforts/objective/even simply ideals while conducting in his "presentation" personality.

    Now… that doesn't exactly mean it's a given that Mike is specially lying 90% of his appearances just because he is not acting as he does hunting for ducks in the woods with Senators and other officials in his geographic locale as well as any strategically positioned individuals of desirable value and meaning for the country's intelligence appetite however necessary in need for local colleagues (lol I love this verbose shit) … more so he is acting as many of all of us do or more-so 'would' given being a well-adjusted admin level productive high functioning Americans not to mention the fact he is also on a damn public stage being a guest of Joe's and upon his podcast — he never is not working… never.

    I like Mike though. I think Mike is very good at his Job as well though that he has NOT retired from.

    I have re-watched and studied his multiple appearances and analyzed this topic beyond the depth I feel unembarrassed to share lol

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