Joe Rogan Experience #1114 – Matt Taibbi


  1. Speed this podcast up to 1.25
    Dude isn't that bad to listen to.

  2. Great topics, but Jesus fuck the Uhhhh haaaaaa and pauses. We should protect the borders and stop giving Welfare to illegals, but Fuuuuuuck Jeff Sessions

  3. Just when you think Taibbi has gotten over his childish hate for Republicans, he says stupid shit like people just want to be mean to immigrants. What a douche. That is completely untrue. We just want legal immigration. But I do agree with the Sessions thing, what is his problem?

  4. Btw Kurt Eichenwald (the trump diet pill source) was the guy who said he showed hentai porn to his kids and is ALLEGED to have paid a underage boy for cp. BUT he has a rep for being very thorough with his research

  5. After reading all the comments all I can say is when you listen to Dave Meltzer you’re pretty much immune to anyone else speaking.

  6. I know Matt's a journalist and everything and that's super sacred and important and shit, especially since so few people can do it. But this podcast is about how Matt was friends with a "high level drug dealer" for "ages" and instead of calling the police when he found out he decided to "serialize it" and make it the focus of his career. What a great guy.

  7. Really Joe? The “I-think-Trump-is-a-perfect-symbol-of-America” hot take? The “most people are so dumb” take? Your weird shapeshifting depending on the guest is getting tired.

  8. Matt, DigiByte (DGB) is like a tiny snowball rolling down the mountain, slowly accumulating mass along the way the down. The best part? We're still at the top of the mountain.

  9. Joe Rogan, you're safe to assume that most of your guests have not fucked with the dietary supplements you fuck with.

  10. I could tell this guest would suck by the never-before-used "Trump is stooopid" comment. Pass. You know a fundamental leftist when they use that old trope about Republicans being stupid. Mike Baker was fun!

  11. Every other word out of this raspy mouth breathers lips are uhhh and umm.
    Terrible guest.

  12. Jees! How many people has this "Private Pile" motherfucker killed? Fuckin creepy guest!!!

  13. When people talk unnecessarily slow making you hang on every word… Do they think it makes them more intelligent? Or are they just cunts that enjoy taking up as much of your time as possible. One word: insufferable.

  14. i agree.. why isnt this guy reading from a script.. why does he have to pause.. obviously a sign of stupidity.. and not a sign of active thinking

  15. This guy is a whiney bitch. Also eichnwald is a fucking pedo. You should leave LA, you're surrounded by douchey scum bags and it's not doing you any favors

  16. Ahhhhhh uhhhhhhh ah ahhhhhh uhhhhhhh and ahhhhhh uhhhhhh…….. Hhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. I think he is the person he's talking about….. someone that went to college for journalism wouldn't stutter so much in his speech fluency.

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