Joe Rogan Experience #1113 – Brian Redban


  1. Hey Joe get Thor Bjornsson on. "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones. He just won the World's Strongest Man 2018.

    Dude's a ridiculous monster.

  2. joe figuring out if he should get brian back instead of jamie ;D brian might be a selfabsorbed dickrider with either 0 clue or 0 care to not appear as hustler .. hopin itll strengthen the hustle.. or something

    BUT.. brian may have 0 brains (def not true btw) but he also has 0 As in physics he's gonna try to use to explain to people, that pictures of bombs can be understood xD xD xD

    "how can u tell which one is the nuke?" -"I GOT AN A IN PHYSICS" "…nuclear?" "NO! thats too hard.." "oooh.. well nice A bro"

    nb: when eddie bravo gets told to look into it, that's eddie getting bitchsmacked like fuck by jamie 😀 eddie SHOULS fucking look into some things.. then of course eh loses his character as mr questioneer and becomes mr answers… so……….. he can't really look it up, or look into it.. can he….

  3. Everytime redban is on, it almost feels like Christmas morning. Not sure what you’re gonna get but you know there’s gonna be some bullshit and you know there’s gonna be a few motherfucking gems

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