Fight Week: Machida vs Belfort, Bader vs Lawal

Chael Sonnen talks about Vitor Belfort’s retirement match against Lyoto Machida and the next round of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix between King M and Ryan Bader on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


  1. I love how nothing but the hard and honest truth comes out of Chael's mouth. I would love to have him as a mentor

  2. I share Chael's sentiment about being pumped to see Belfort/Machida. I know it's past their prime but fuck it, it's a fantasy match up that's finally happening

  3. Great videos Chael. Along with mmaworld, mmarelease,mma on point, joe rogan podcast, Karyn, octagonnews, your channel helps the wait for upcoming events.

  4. .. less talking .. more training .. Fedor ain't playing. Just kidding.. love your videos!.. but seriously, get back to TRAINING! 🙂

  5. im interested to see what weight master bader comes in at, king mo was on the tmz hour monday and said he was only going to be 210.

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