Episode 73: Bret Hart’s 96/97

The business was changing in 1996 and Bret Hart was at the center of it all for the World Wrestling Federation. Bill Watts is out and the decision is made to make Shawn Michaels “the guy.” Soon after, Diesel and Razor leave for greener pastures creating a perfect storm for Bret Hart to the subject of the greatest bidding war in the history of the business.

Bret stays loyal for less money but finds that this isn’t the same WWF he left a year before. How did the Ultimate Warrior potentially change everything for Bret? What did Bret think of Shawn losing his smile? How did Vince convince Bret to become a heel? What was with the cursing on RAW before WrestleMania 13? Bret doubled down and the Hart Foundation’s angle became the hottest in the company. While feuding on camera with Steve Austin, Bret’s real issue was with Shawn Michaels. We address Sunny days, the wheelchair promo to end RAW, the fight before RAW, the “girly” magazine comments, and how “working the boys” turned into a shoot. What fault did Bret deserve in this? What single conversation could have caused the Montreal Screwjob? On one of the most historic nights of Mick Foley and Steve Austin’s career, Bret learns his contract is about to be breached because Vince can’t afford him. When did Vince regret giving Bret that contract? Did Vince change his mind and tell Bret he found the money? What did Bret’s agent say? What did Bret ask Bischoff for? When Bret got the offer, how did Vince respond? Once the deal was done, how did word get out? What did Bret write in his column that week that directly contradicts what Bret wrote in his book? Why did Vince write an open letter to the fans before the Survivor Series? Who suggested the screwjob? What offer did Vince make to Bret for the night before that Bret turned down? Which of the boys tried to warn Bret? Who knew the night of? When did Earl see Bret again? We’ve heard Bret’s account of punching Vince but what really happened in that room? Who tried to quit in protest?

Who came up with “Bret Screwed Bret” for the interview with JR? Bret’s final two years in the company saw him put on some of his best matches ever, he certainly give his strongest promos of his career during this time, and was involved in one of the hottest angles in company history. Does the screwjob tarnish all of that? Decide for yourself in our longest episode ever in what we believe is the best podcast there is, was, or ever will be!

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