Episode 72: New Age Outlaws

“Oh, you didn’t know?!” Bruce and Conrad proudly bring to you three hours about one of the greatest tag teams in the woooooorld, “the Badass” Billy Gunn and “the Roaddog” Jesse James — the New Age Outlaws! How could the Roadie and Rockabilly ever possibly compete for screen time with Stone Cold, the Rock, Triple H, the Undertaker, Mankind, and a locker room filled with Hall of Famers? Bruce explains how an unlikely pairing became bonafide superstars during the biggest boom in wrestling history! How did James get back in “good graces” with Vince after walking out with Jarrett? Rockabilly with Honky, who booked this ish?! Who saw something in this pairing? Where did the intro come from?

Did the Road Warriors have an issue with putting over this new pairing? Plus you’ll get more details about the Dumpster Match at Mania 14, the first major RAW after Mania, DX invading Nitro, the DX break-ups and reunions, addiction issues, some resentment in the locker room over Roaddog’s push, Austin refusing to work a match with Gunn, the Rock sealing Gunn’s fate as a singles star, Mr. Ass, Chyna, Billy G, K-Kwik, and somehow we wind up learning about what Vince McMahon watches on television. PLUS a major announcement closes the show: a WORLD CHAMPION joins us in Houston for our live show in two weeks. Join us at www.BoxOfGimmicks.com!Time Stamps:1:40 Reactions to last week’s episode3:36 Something to Wrestle with…New Day9:20 Are Conrad and Bruce being paid by the WWE?12:18 November’s show schedule19:21 New Age Outlaws20:08 Bringing the Roadie back21:40 Road Dogg can sing24:18 Road Dogg: American Hero27:48 Armstrong family legacy 32:03 Smoking Gunns36:30 Rockabilly43:13 Forming the Outlaws55:05 New names57:34 Tag Team Champions of the WOOOOOORRRRRLLLLD1:00:50 Chainsaw Charlie1:08:26 Chainsaw and Cactus take a dumpster dive1:16:35 How tough is Terry Funk?

1:21:48 Joining DX1:28:48 Invading Nitro1:39:29 The famous introduction1:42:29 DX turns babyface1:52:14 Billy teams with Austin1:55:59 Bruce’s thoughts on 3 ways (matches)1:57:15 The Oddities2:05:06 What does Vince watch on television? 2:07:46 ICP2:12:15 Testing singles runs2:18:22 Road Dogg’s personal struggles2:28:56 Road Dogg wins IC Title2:38:20 Mr. Ass2:41:20 Breaking up2:49:15 King Ass2:52:25 Austin turns down working with Billy2:55:37 The beginning of the end for Billy’s solo run 3:05:36 Reuniting3:20:56 K-Kwik3:29:03 The Outlaws legacy3:33:20 Bruce’s top 5 tag teams3:36:21 Facebook questions

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