Episode 71: The Rock 97/98

FINALLY! The Rock has come back to… Something to Wrestle! Bruce Prichard has three hours worth of details about how Dwayne Johnson become the “Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment.” Long before anyone could “smell what the Rock was cooking,” he was trying to get a developmental deal once football didn’t work out. Who did the company think would be the “star” of Rocky’s training class? The “Blue Chipper” won the Intercontinental Title very quickly and the fans revolted with “ROCKY SUCKS” chants and “DIE ROCKY DIE” signs. Bruce addresses the rumors that two superstars worked hard to squash his push early and often.

Eventually they get their way and Rocky hit the skids. Who suggested Rocky start referring to himself in third person? Raising the eyebrow? The People’s Elbow? The $500 shirts? The Rolex watch skit with the NOD? What did Rock think of the DX parody? What was his routine after the shows? Bruce addresses all of the behind the scenes jockeying for position with Hunter, Shawn, and Austin along the way. Which agent was an advocate? Bruce and Conrad discuss the Ladder Match at SummerSlam, the babyface turn, first matches with Mick Foley, the bridge angle with Austin, and perhaps one of the Top 10 best storylines in the WWF history that paid off at Survivor Series 1998! Don’t miss the rest of the story of the Rock’s first two years in the business AND one of our best polls ever!Time Stamps:3:42 last week’s recap13:30 next week’s poll21:01 Rock27:38 Rumor and innuendo about Rock’s parents28:48 Anoa’i family athletes 31:17 Rock growing up/football years35:27 Rock’s wrestling journey begins41:02 Rock signs with the WWF45:13 creating Rocky Maivia1:04:12 WrestleMania 131:09:36 Heat between HBK and Rock1:16:00 Rock’s heel turn1:27:51 The genesis of Rock/Austin1:40:30 The People’s Elbow1:44:36 What made Vince believe in Rock2:02:01 Rock’s $500 shirts2:05:48 Owen ribs Rock2:08:08 Rock and Triple H go off script2:12:08 DX impersonates The Nation 2:21:10 SummerSlam 982:23:27 Rock starts to turn baby face2:37:54 Planting seeds for the Corporate Swerve2:40:16 Survivor Series 982:41:23 funny story about Bossman at Survivor Series2:44:36 Rock becomes the Corporate Champion2:54:00 Test debuts2:59:30 POTUS Rock?3:03:23 Facebook questions

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