Episode 70: Doink the Clown

Who thought of the idea of an “evil clown” character? Who in the WWE dreamed of joining the circus as a kid? Where does a cartoon character fit into all of this? What movie did Bruce and Pat have Vince watch to understand the idea? How did Jim Johnston create the theme? We break down Jim’s creative process with Vince, how Vince pitched Matt Borne on the character, the potential WrestleMania ideas, Crush in Hawaii, backlash from a neck injury angle right after a real life situation in the NFL, Doink working with Bret,

rumors about working with Hogan, why Doink became a babyface, why Borne was suspended, why Borne was released, the Bigelow rumor, the replacement Doinks, Doink on the indies, the Alabama Doink at Golden Corral, Dink, Borne’s run-ins with the law, the Borne-Nash and Borne-Duggan issues. Is Doink a Hall of a Famer? PLUS the biggest poll ever!Time Stamps:3:48 Last week’s recap 6:40 Next Week’s poll15:30 Doink the Clown22:36 Undertaker’s beef with Buzz Sawyer 25:45 Road Warrior Hawk starts the idea that would become Doink30:36 Naming Doink38:58 Doink’s Raw debut46:20 Doink vs Crush1:12:13 Bruce responds to criticism 1:18:48 WrestleMania IX1:32:37 Matt Bourne gets suspended1:37:50 Ray Apollo becomes Doink 2:16:40 Twitter questions

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