Episode 69: No Mercy 1999

Bruce and Conrad discuss the Fall of 1999 for the WWF for three hours! The company going public, how Russo walking out changed the company forever, what Ed did, how Gerwitz and Blancha fit in, hurting Vince’s feelings, why the company ran UK PPVs, a hilarious Gorilla story, Steve Phillips, running the Georgia Dome, the Big Show’s father’s funeral, booking dog crap angles, Jarrett walking out, the rattlesnake bite angle, the Bulldog in dog crap,

Austin on Nash Bridges, how Lita came in, what could have made Taz’s run different, ho stories, Mideon’s new career, Viscera’s favorite spa treatment, Ivory, the dark rumors about Moolah, Bob Holly’s idea for creative, Bob working with Crash, what led to the end of Bulldog in the WWF, the first tag team ladder match, the original plans for Val Venis, the first of many WWF autobiographies, why X-Pac teamed with Kane, mishaps with the sledgehammer, the politics between Austin/Rock/HHH, Vince buying a football team, and the heat that kept Shawn Michaels out of the company!Time Stamps:4:30 IYH: Bad Blood 97 follow up8:55 Jim Cornette at STW Live Show 14:50 No Mercy 1999 U.K.23:58 Unforgiven 1999 recap25:20 Russo leaving30:05 Terry Taylor refuses to sign non-compete clause37:06 Vince’s hurt feelings over Russo leaving49:40 Gorilla Monsoon owning part of the WWWF1:01:08 Big Show’s father’s funeral1:08:30 Real rattlesnake on Raw1:19:05 Lita starting with the WWF1:21:25 Tazz1:26:06 No Mercy card1:54:30 Moolah’s dark past2:16:24 Guy’s reactions to Chyna being champion2:22:47 Tag Team Ladder Match2:40:01 Foley’s book2:50:50 Social media questions

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