Episode 68: IYH: Badd Blood 1997

Join Bruce and Conrad as they discuss the WWF in the Fall of 1997 and one of the most notable In Your House PPVs of all time: Badd Blood! They discuss the origins of the Kane character, whose idea it was, the inspiration for ripping off the cage door, who invented Hell in a Cell, what Taker and HBK thought of working together, Owen 3:16, Cactus Jack’s WWF debut, stunning Vince, Shawn changing the finish at One Night Only to win the European Title, the first time we saw DX, the controversial promo that created “Attitude” in the WWF,

what Vince hated about the Headbangers, a “second chance” for Mark Henry, what changes to the card Pillman’s death caused, the Rock working with LOD, Neidhart risking Rude’s Lloyds of Llondon settlement, Brakkus on a promo tour, Terry Funk’s “retirement” match in ’97, why the Patriot didn’t work out, why Faarooq never held a singles title, why Ahmed wasn’t in a featured spot AGAIN, Vince’s last PPV as a commentator, how to tell if the Godwinns were heels, why the Flag Match was changed last minute, why Bret didn’t main event as World Champion for two PPVs here, and how NWA legends like Lou Thesz and Sam Muchnick interacted with Vince McMahon.

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