Episode 65: Jeff Jarrett in the WWF

“Spend my days working hard on the go” Another four hour episode packed with backstage insight and never before heard stories on the THREE runs Jeff Jarrett had in the WWF. Why was the ” Real Double J” angle dropped? Was there heat backstage to Jarrett calling AUSTIN 3:16 blasphemous on RAW? Did JJ “hold up” Vince for money to lose to Chyna? And what is Bruce’s never heard before first person account of Jarrett’s reaction to McMahon spelling out Jarretts future on the last episode of Nitro? As a special bonus Bruce responds talks in depth about one of the most talked about topics this past week, “The Toxic Turtles”. Enjoy maybe our most in depth episode yet and learn more stuff you didn’t think you wanted to know, but definitely do, in this episode of Something to Wrestle With…. “You Know”…. Bruce Prichard.

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