Dan Henderson PRIDE training (Tokyo, Japan 2003)


  1. Hendo is preparing for an unsanctioned fight with a referee wearing an earpiece,
    without commission.
    So therefore it doesn’t count.

  2. Yesterday Chael was humiliated by a British journalist live on TV when he told him you can not beat Anthony Joshua 🙁

  3. but i thought no one knew if he really won in pride….weren't the fighters unknowable in victory? via your podcast statement.

  4. Seriously, what's with the golf commentary? It just makes it hard to hear what you're saying.

  5. Chael, you always say that everyone who fought in Pride had fixed fights. Did you also say they were all on steroids? I could be wrong about that But you never say this about dan Henderson or Randy Couture. Is this favoritism or are you making all of that up?

  6. Uncle Chael trying to be quite so he doesn’t disturb hendos training..?

  7. I love the reverence Chael gives when talking about Dan Henderson, you could hear it in his voice while he was narrating this video.

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