Dan Henderson PRIDE Final Conflict 2003 (rare behind the scenes footage)

Rare behind the scenes footage with Dan Henderson and Team Quest at PRIDE Final Conflict in 2003 when he faced Brazilian Top Team Founder and UFC Champion Murilo Bustamante. The archival footage shows Dan at weigh-ins and behind the scenes on fight day at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. Dan warms up with former UFC fighters Nate Quarry and Randy Couture. The fight prediction from Randy, Nate and Bas Rutten come true.


  1. Good for Hendo that his wrestling and H-Bomb were on a completely different level than his kicks..

  2. I miss the pride days but this made me wonder . Did any of these fighters ever learn japanese?

  3. Hendo is sooo juiced. I miss the pride days when bj penn fought Anderson Silva in a rubber match. Andy was on the gimmick too. I love juiced hendo. I’ll never forget when he beat Uriah Faber at pride 4 in Dothan Al. I was there. He was sooo swole. Uriah won but he definitely cheated

  4. Stuff like this reminds me of how much I miss Pride…and the 'good old days' of MMA in general. Sure, the level of athlete entering MMA has improved, but there was something special about this time period. I'd say that Pride hit its stride around Pride 12 or 13…the event after the first Wand -Henderson fight where they brought in the Pride rules that we all love and miss. Before Pride 13, you could only knee,kick and stomp to the head if the opponent was on his back. After the Hendo-Wand fight, the rules were changed to the good rules.
    ..It is also really cool to see the original Team Quest all together. You can really see how they were a 'team'. Not just individuals participating in an individual sport and stepping on whoever they have to to reach the top.

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