Corey Graves on Titus’ Slip at Greatest Royal Rumble & Sam Roberts Wrestlemania Botch


  1. What was the Travis thing Sam was talking about? Is there a video of it? It sounds really funny.

  2. There's gotta be clip of Corey Graves laughing at the actual Titus botch. They shoot multiples angles, don't they. At least a fan clip

  3. That first Vacation movie is hilarious the whole way through lol . Titus coming in with the No Way Jose conga line was perfect for his Raw appearance, very casual, not a serious side, well done haha.

  4. The worst thing about this – watch the clip closely when Titus goes through the apron, just about the M in Rumble – there is a stand supporting the cross beam of the ring, its 20' long from post to post and at the 10' mark, is vertical stand just sporting the weight during assembly, once assembled the whole ring counterbalances and self supports. Titus misses that stand by inches. They talk about had he been a foot closer to the ring he would've hit that cross beam, he missed seriously head injury on that vertical stand by inches and its the funniest thing ever!

    That added to the fact that show took place in a country that still treats their woman like property and executes their LGBTQ citizans, just because that country waved a shit ton of cash in their face – way to "BE A STAR" WWE, great showing of Tolerance and Respect in the middle of your womans evolution – seriously lost all respect for WWE in the past couple of weeks!

  5. The audio of Titus makes it even better. You can actually hear him going "Aaaauuuuuugh!" as he disappears.

  6. Fake.. he trips over nothing so no bullshit argument you can come up with to convince me otherwise.. tripped over nothing fake scripted bullshit

  7. He tripped, he didn't slip. Only to create a "world slide" hashtag while you can clearly see he tripped, not slid. Hell, he didn't even slide under the ring, he bounced.

  8. Ok, I get it. Ha ha ha. Enough. Making a shirt in reference to a botch, is fucking stupid and anybody who buys it, shouldn't say shit about how much they love "wrestling". I know in meme culture, fans buy mashup shirts and smarky ass shirts but I prefer wearing a shirt that respect a wrestler. Every little shit wants to be in the clique and feel "cool".

  9. I need to see the whole Podcast with Graves on YouTube ? not just the Audio haha
    Graves and Sam are so hilarious together

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