Corey Graves – Byron & Coach, Daniel Bryan Return, Twitter Trouble, Booker T, etc – Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts talks to Corey Graves, in the notsam studio, about bring the voice of WWE, watching Daniel Bryan return, twitter beefs, Byron and The Coach, coming up before NXT, and more, for Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast.


  1. I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t watch wrestling, but still watches these wrestling podcast/interviews because I’m a fan of Sam and his interviews. Also it’s always fun to mess with the wrestling fans on this channel. ?

  2. corey's commentary on the bryan v cass match showed he wasn't a heel. Or it was the fact he is someone retired by concussions

  3. If Corey hadn't of had to retire from the ring, I fully believe that he would be a World Champion by now, especially as a heel. His mic skills of top shelf, and his in ring style was very old school heel. He would single out a body part and work it the whole match. It's sad we lost out on seeing it.

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