Corey Graves – Byron & Coach, Daniel Bryan Return, Twitter Trouble, Booker T, etc – Sam Roberts


  1. If Corey hadn't of had to retire from the ring, I fully believe that he would be a World Champion by now, especially as a heel. His mic skills of top shelf, and his in ring style was very old school heel. He would single out a body part and work it the whole match. It's sad we lost out on seeing it.

  2. corey's commentary on the bryan v cass match showed he wasn't a heel. Or it was the fact he is someone retired by concussions

  3. I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t watch wrestling, but still watches these wrestling podcast/interviews because I’m a fan of Sam and his interviews. Also it’s always fun to mess with the wrestling fans on this channel. ?

  4. Coach and Booker T suck because they don't prepare and think before they speak

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