Chael Sonnen talks fighting Fedor Emelianenko


  1. Chael, you have some serious power disadvantage against Fedor. I am absolutely sure you will come up with the perfect plan and you will begin implementing it. Unfortunately your chin is not know to be one of the toughest in MMA and Fedor can play "chin gambits" with you. I am cheering for you no matter how difficult the challenge but be careful. If RAmpage broke a couple of your ribs … this MF hits twice as hard.

  2. Let this sink in..after this fight Chael would have competed with Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Fedor.
    3 of the best fighters ever in MMA.
    Chael is real American gangster.

  3. Fedor is shot and still beat Mir…speaks volumes for where Mir is at. As for Chael…i'd like to see him win but I think he's too small for Fedor. Plus BELLATOR needs Fedor in the FINAL …Fedor vs Bader

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